Ever wanted to know how you can get your hands on a seized SUV at auction, and save yourself a bundle of cash in the process? If so, this article has been written with you in mind. Specifically, we're going to look at what SUV's are, why they can often show up at government repo auctions, and how to get a great vehicle at an astonishing price.

So let's get started.

Sport utility vehicles, or SUV's, are four-wheel-drive vehicles that often can be driven off-road. They are large and in both their exteriors and interiors they resemble minivans. Since they hold many passengers, SUV's are frequently found in suburbia, packed with kids on their way to school or soccer practice.

If you've always wanted to own an SUV but you've always found them to be out of your family's price range, you might consider going to a government or police auction and buying one there.

Federal and state government agencies and law enforcement officials regularly seize SUV's from those who could no longer afford to pay for them, or from criminals and drug dealers. The same advantages to buying automobiles at seized-vehicle auctions apply to buying SUV's at such auctions. That is, the SUV's are often in good or top condition and are almost always (except in rare bidding wars) sold at a fraction of their retail value.

The same challenges apply as well: you usually can't test drive the SUV's in advance, and most of the time the SUV's you buy will not come with warranties. And, as always, you'll want to do some online research, if possible, on the SUV's that you are looking to buy.

All in all, though, seized-SUV auctions probably represent the best opportunity for you and your family to be driving around the neighborhood in an affordable, stylish, and-most importantly-safe sport utility vehicle.

To summarize, this article has shown you some of the possibilities available to you if you're looking for a good seized SUV at a government repo auction.