Wedding etiquette for personalized napkins has relaxed a great deal. Wedding planners stress there are no steadfast rules to follow during the design process. Brides have more flexibility to style napkins that are more indicative of their personality. Basic suggestions regarding napkin size and monogram styling aide in designing a napkin that displays traditional values and current trends. Create a memorable keepsake for guests. Post napkins in a photo album or scrapbook for future enjoyment.



Wedding etiquette for personalized napkins starts with sizing. Select from three napkin sizes: cocktail or beverage, luncheon and guest towel. Cocktail or beverage napkins, the smallest option, measure 5 inches by 5 inches. Luncheon sized napkins measure 6.5 inches by 6.5 inches. Guest towels, the largest, measure 9.5 inches in length and 5.5 inches in width. Choose napkin sizes based on the reception type. Cocktail and luncheon napkins work well for casual receptions. Guest towels project a more formal reception vibe.



Wedding planners state the wedding etiquette for personalizing napkins varies. Include a wedding vow excerpt, or favorite line of poetry selected by the newlyweds, with the wedding date. Choose a monogram in lieu of writing out full names of the couple. Design a traditional monogram: Place the initial of the bride on the left, position the initial of the groom on the right. Feature the initial of the last name prominently in the center of both initials. Use varying letter placement depending on personal preference.



Wedding etiquette for personalized napkins suggests that reception atmosphere be considered when selecting a personalization method. The three-ply napkins are available in a variety of colors, guaranteed to coordinate with most wedding themes. After selecting a napkin color, choose a personalization method. Flat, colored inks give napkins a traditional appearance. Foil inks produce a shimmery appearance perceived as slightly informal. Request blind embossing for formal napkins. The process presses lettering into the napkins, creating a raised design.



Wedding etiquette for personalized napkins recommends ordering three napkins of each desired size for each invited guest. Use cocktail or beverage napkins while drinks and finger foods are being served. The smaller napkins are especially appropriate at an hors d'oeuvre reception. Place luncheon napkins at the cake table or incorporate into individual table settings. Position guest towels at the center of formal place settings. Put guest towels in the restroom or washroom for use during the reception.


Personalized Wedding Napkins