Selecting a granite slab or marble slab for your kitchen countertop starts with preparation. Cabinet sample doors, drawings and or rendering, photos of your kitchen, and your own ideas are the key tools you need to select a beautiful slab granite or marble for your kitchen.Â

Things You Will Need

Selecting the perfect granite slab or marble starts with home preparation. The more you are involved with the granite or marble selection, the more you will appreciate the beauty of natural stone. Start narrowing your selection by bringing a sample of your cabinet door. Bring a layout and rendering of your kitchen. Finally, take digital photos of your kitchen during the day. In addition, if you find examples of kitchen designs you like, bring those magazines and/or photos in with you as a reference.

Step 1

The relationship with the cabinet and the granite or marble is key to a beautiful kitchen. We concentrate on the focal point of the kitchen countertop and make sure the granite or marble enhances the upper cabinet doors. Keep in mind the cabinet upper door is best rather than just a sample of the wood. We need to see the actual stain of the upper cabinets as well as the detail in the door. We want to insure the relationship between the cabinet and the granite enchances both color and pattern in the granite and the upper cabinet. We want the cabinet to have a much depth and richness as possible so the cabinets don't look dead and the granite remains rich and vibrant.

Step 2

For granite to look as natural and flowing as possible the placement of the seams is critical. All granite and marble slabs are different sizes.  Many Italian focused yards bring in the large slabs and polish the slabs so they are a bookmatched set. Without a drawing and rendering of the kitchen, it is difficult to ascertain if the slabs that a homeowner prefers are large enough and if the characteristics a homeowner prefers can be place in the focal points of the kitchen.

Step 3

Photos are also key to making a decision on how a granite or marble will enchance the look of a kitchen. Lighting, especially sun light can drastically change the appearance of the granite and marble. Your focal point such as an peninsula or island can look breath taking in one light, but washed out in another light. Your stone professional will be able to demonstrate how sun light plays a factor in your selection and help you determine which slab you selected will appear the riches in your lighting.

Classic, Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, Country, Tuscany, styles have one thing in common, they are an expression of your taste. Bringing in examples of kitchens you like help design professionals hone in on your particular since of style and design. With proper preparation and the right tools, the granite or marble you select will match the kitchen style you want to achieve.

Tips & Warnings

Do your homework. The more prepared you are and the more information you bring the more your design professional will be abe to help you acheive a beautiful grante or marble kitchen.

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