It is nearly impossible to graduate high school today and not have to give a speech in one of your classes. One of the most difficult components of speech assignments is selecting an appropriate topic. When choosing the subject of a school speech, there are several components to take into consideration.

Speak on What Interests You

When you're choosing a speech topic, try to select one that piques your interest. This is important for a couple of reasons. First, if your topic interests you, the researching process isn't as painful as it could be because you're reading about something that's fun and exciting to you. Second, absorbing information on a subject you like is easier, which makes it easier to remember when you incorporate it into your speech and attempt to memorize it. Finally, if the subject interests you, you are more likely to provide an engaging performance of your speech, which will not only score you points towards your grade, but points with your entertained peers.

Speak on Subjects With Literature

Make sure the topic you select has enough literature available to thoroughly research it. You don't want to pick a subject and start working on the speech only to realize that you cannot find enough qualified sources to support your arguments or meet the requirements of the assignment. You may know everything there is to know about building popsicle stick dollhouses, but without the research to back up your information, your assignment won't do well. Before you formally select a topic, do a little bit of research to make sure your selection won't leave you in the lurch.

Speak on Appropriate Topics

Think about your audience and the goals of the assignment before you select a speech topic. Abortion may be a subject that strikes a cord with you, but if you're giving an informative speech in sixth grade, the topic may not be appropriate for your audience. Similarly, consider the goals of the assignment. You may think that donating to cancer foundations is something that everyone should do, but if the goal of the speech is to entertain, then the topic may not be a good fit for that assignment.

Giving a speech in front of your class may seem like an impossible feat, but if you're smart about selecting your topic, it may not be as difficult as you think. Pick a subject you care about, can find research on, and that fits for the occasion, and you'll be a shoe-in for a good grade.