bonsai2Like all types of plant pots, Bonsai pots can be found in a massive array of sizes, shapes and colors, but ensuring that you choose the right pot for a Bonsai tree can make the difference between a good looking Bonsai and an extraordinary looking Bonsai. Be aware, though, the pot you choose can have either positive or detrimental consequences to the development of your beloved Bonsai tree.

What type of Bonsai pots should I be considering?

Firstly, when you have a juvenile Bonsai which is still growing quite rapidly you will have to consider numerous training pots before you decide on an ultimate show pot to display your Bonsai. Nevertheless, when selecting a Bonsai pot you should never pick one where you will need to significantly trim the roots. Should you wish to reduce the size of your pot or the roots you'll need to take it in gradual moves, moving down a pot size each time ahead of eventually reaching the size and style you would like.

Ensure the pot you are thinking about has excellent water flow and drainage and is totally frost proof, this will help to make your Bonsai safe and healthy throughout the year whether it is placed inside or outside. If you're choosing the glazed pot, ensure that just the outside of this pot is actually glazed, since the Bonsai will require the coarse surface internally for its roots to grab onto and build themselves.

bonsai3What pot for what tree?

The type of pot you should buy is known by the type of tree you are cultivating as well as the style you would like. Conifers lend themselves brilliantly to naturally colored, unglazed pots whereas deciduous trees look good in glazed or unglazed and in virtually any colors. Experiment a little to get the right pot for you, and especially think about pastel colors for your deciduous trees or a vibrant colored pot for a flowering tree.

Also, consider what amount of room the roots will need for the specific selection of tree. Cascading trees will need a deep pot with plenty of room for the roots to grow down but also so the branches can dangle over the side while not draping on the floor.

For those who have a heavily glazed pot, remember that the coloration of its glaze will age and ware off somewhat over its lifetime and lots of people wipe the glaze with French polish in order to speed the procedure up giving your glazed pot a rather natural and older appearance.