Exercising in home has several benefits. You may enjoy it on your own time, you can easily cut down travel time, save membership and class fees and also the hassles of sweaty gym rats. It can be very simple to spend quite a bit of hard earned money on expensive home machines that are quite likely to simply take up valuable space and remind you exactly how out of shape you may be while it gathers dust while in the corner.

An outstanding, low-cost alternative is to try using equipment you have already: a DVD player and TV. There a variety of forms of home exercise DVDs, but in this article, let me talk about doing yoga effectively at home using DVDs which can be simple to acquire from Amazon, your hometown library or many stores or websites that offer exercise videos.
You can get wide ranges of yoga DVDs. You ought to decide carefully depending on your workout goals, experience level with yoga and yoga technique preference. Common fitness goals typically achieved through yoga are:
1. Stress Management
2. Lose Weight
3. Enhanced Flexiblility
4. Increased Muscle
5. Build Stamina

Keep in mind that these goals are not exclusive and often complement one another. The key for choosing a suitable video is determining which of them your primary goal is.

Exposure to yoga and general fitness level is an additional essential aspect. These may be broken down into the following categories. Do not feel bad in the event you in the limited beginner level. Everyone needs to start somewhere and beginning in a level too difficult will surely discourage you from continuing.

1. Limited Beginner - No fitness experience, coping with injury or limited flexibility/mobility.
2. Beginner - Good health but minimal experience with yoga or group exercise.
3. Intermediate - Has some yoga experience or other fitness experience, fairly active and mobile with average degree of flexibility and strength.
4. Advanced - Have a regular yoga practice, fitness experience or seasoned athlete with reasonable level of flexibility.

This may not be a definite list of where you ought to be so far as challenge for a yoga class as there is some leeway. For example for those who are fairly active and limber- capable of climb stairs, walk regularly and perform normal everyday living but have never took part in a group fitness routine at a studio or health club, you'll still may do fine employing a Beginner or Intermediate yoga video. If may be limited in your flexibility or have knee, wrist or back issues you may fare better with a slower paced video for a limited beginner where you will have enough time to make adjustments to meet your requirements. If you are a marathon runner with tight limbs without yoga experience, a Beginner video could be the best spot to start.

No matter what your level of fitness, yoga is extremely personal. The advantage of yoga is you should be prompted to modify your positioning, whether in a class setting with a live instructor or with a yoga video, to best provide what you need. If you are limited in positioning you can adjust to a simpler posture to attend a routine. A seasoned athlete should have the skills necessary to adjust any class to challenge themselves, whether through tightening up muscles in any area or strengthening your body and mind in focusing on the yoga positions, breath and body alignment.

Whatever what your fitness goals are, finding the best yoga video starts with matching a video to your needs: finding what type of yoga you aspire to practice, versatility of the workout , instructor style, options offered for varying levels, scenery and music.