How many times have you woken up in the morning and said to yourself, "What am I doing?". Without any thought, your answer would be "a lot!". It is interesting how common it seems that we can be so unsatisfied with our day-to-day lives. Always wanting to reach the next step, continually hoping and praying for good news, eventually we wear ourselves out and put it out of our minds until the next time. But why can we not feel a certain way and physically have the power to change it?  They say hard work and patience pays off, but does it really? How many of us out there have much of what we wanted in life because of hard work, yet seem to be lacking something else?  

For some, finding spirituality is that search, for others wealth and happiness, yet still a balance between both, may be the answer. Whatever our search in life is, the common factor and obvious link between us is that there is a search for something we lack. We are constantly looking for answers in every place we can think of, hoping that one of these days it will jump out at us like a jack-in-the-box, yes that might be startling, but exciting at the same time! If what we were searching for was actually something tangible in our minds and not so ambiguous and transparent as the world we live in, might we have hope in unlocking our dreams?

I think one of the key obstacles that many of us share along this journey, is that shouldnt there be some form of fulfillment on the way to our destination. Its been thrown and hammered into us many times, that "getting there is half the fun". Well I must say I would tend to agree, but it is something easier said then done. For one thing we are also told to focus on the goal or dream at hand, furthermore to simply focus on one step at a time on our way to the goal or dream at hand. With all that focus and compartmentalization in our lives it is easy to forget the enjoyment we long for at any given moment. So if life is what we make of it, and we all want to make it enjoyable, why is it so hard for us to do so?

I guess what it all comes down to is that we first recognize that we are all on a search for something that brings us true happiness, and second that our search be full of happiness itself, otherwise what would be the point of living a lifetime of unhappiness, only to find it at the end and have to let it go?

Maybe we simply need to find out what makes life enjoyable in any given day for as long as possible, always keeping in mind that there is something more... and for the sake of argument, if there is nothing more, at least the happy days outweighed the bad. And as hard as this task may be, it just might be worth trying.