When one seeks spinal stenosis treatment at a medical facility he or she is often offered one of three options. Often a patient will use a combination   of two or all three of these treatments.  On is to give pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs to manage the pain.  The next is to send the patient for extensive and often prolonged physical therapy treatments.  Finally, many patients end up having surgery in the hope that they will find much needed back pain relief.  However, there are some patients who have managed to find back pain treatment that can be done in the comfort of their own home. 

For these patients pain relief often comes from following the Treat Your Own Spinal Stenosis book that has been available for about two years now.  Written by Physical Therapist Jim Johnson, this book has become very popular and has been called useful and even golden.

Spinal stenosis treatment


Treatment for spinal stenosis in this helpful book

The book’s author argues that because studies that have examined treatment for spinal stenosis have determined that surgery is no more effective in long term pain relief than are non-invasive treatments for back pain that one should not opt for the more risky back surgery.  Instead, he offers a plan of exercise that is designed to be done quickly and easily that can effectively be used as a treatment for spinal stenosis.  The exercises in this book will help to make the back much stronger, more flexible, and will increase the protective reflexes of the back so that one sees a reduction of pain and a return to a more normal level of activity.  The exercises are not difficult and take a few minutes a day and can effectively increase the ability of a person to alleviate his or her own back pain through a sort of self-administered treatment for spinal stenosis.

What do users of this book on spinal stenosis treatment say?

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User reviews of this book and its treatment plan and exercise suggestions have been extremely positive.  Many have reported that after following the program in this book they are able to resume activities that had to be put aside do to their back pain for years.  Readers of this book come away with a great deal of knowledge about spinal stenosis and about why they have pain and why they have yet to be successful when treated in the past.  Readers describe this book as very easy to understand and very straightforward.  The anatomy and physiology of spinal stenosis is explained in terms that everyone can understand which is part of what sets this book far apart from others on the subject.  The exercise based plan that is espoused in this book is a physical therapy based type of treatment for spinal cord stenosis that readers find easy to follow without the assistance of medical personnel.  It is quick to do on a daily basis and works as effectively as any other treatment for spinal cord stenosis that can be found in a medical office and takes up substantially more time.