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A self driving car might be a lot safer than a flying car. A self driving car is on the ground.


A flying car might not be as safe as a self driving car. If it is in the air, you can do nothing but fall when it goes out of control.

Full Review

Which would you rather have? Would you rather have a self driving car or a flying car? I think a self driving car would be my best bet. You can drive with no hands. Instead of you driving the car, the car drives you around. You can just enjoy the ride. It would be so nice if we could own a car that drives itself. It would make life a whole lot easier. If you wanted to travel long distance, you could just go to sleep. However, I would be scared to trust a self driving car while I am asleep. It would take some getting use to of course. A self-driving car is a project that Google is working on. It looks like it is going to be safe. Our world is changing and things are getting easier for us. It makes me wonder how the self-driving car will know when to stop. Maybe it can recognize accidents before they occur.

I have seen a picture of a flying car. Flying cars look like airplanes. I don't think I like the idea of a flying car because I would rather stay on the ground. I would rather be fast on the ground than in the air. I am use to being on the ground. Besides, I have never been in the air on an airplane. I think about how they could crash full speed from the air. When I see myself about to get in a car accident, I can sometimes see it about to happen and mash breaks in time enough to stop. Hopefully there is some kind of safety for self driving cars. As far as flying cars, if I am in the air going down and out of control, I know that there is nothing else but down. I cannot stop in mid air. The thought of a flying car seems dangerous. However, they make it look so good in movies and in cartoons. I always knew that they would try to invent it in real life for the future.

Having a self-driving car or a flying car would probably be much faster. It seems to me that if our world became faster with speed and transportation, there might be more accidents. A self-driving car would think for itself. It would not be a bad idea to have another option where we could take control of the wheel and program the self-driving car not to drive. I do not have one good idea about what to do if a flying car had to crash. The flying car could have a little flying escape rider to detach from the flying car.

In Closing

I think I would buy a self-driving car any day before I buy a flying car.