Since you're here it's safe to assume you are looking for self enhancement techniques. Well you're in luck! In this article I will explain exactly how I boosted my self esteem and improved my overall well being. Everything in this article is very easy to do and you can start right away and be on the path towards bringing out your greatest self!


Visualize Your Best Self

Self Enhancement

So some of this may seem cliche and simple but I promise you they work. The first, and in my humble opinion, most important thing you can do is to visualize your ideal self.

What I mean by this is when you wake up and go to bed, spend a minute or two visualizing what you want to look like, what job you want to have, what kind of house you want have, what kind of car want you drive, etc, etc. You get the point. You need to actually see yourself like this doing daily activities. Think of it like watching a short film, twice a day, where you are viewing the man you want to be. One thing I will say about this is try and keep it realistic. You don't want to see yourself living in a $100 million mansion driving a hundred Ferrari's and partying with celebrities. Although this is possible, it's unlikely to come to fruition. Do this for at least three weeks religously until it becomes habit and then it will become natural to do. This will subconciously steer you on the path to becoming the man you see day and night in your head. This is a technique that Napoleon Hill wrote in his book "Think and Grow Rich". Mr. Hill called it your "definite cheif aim". I PROMISE you this works! You may not become a billionaire but it will improve your well being.

Defeat Procrastination

One major obstacle that I think every person in the history of the world has had to overcome is procrastination. It is a problem that everyone has gone through whether it was in grade school or in the workplace or even in day to day activities, and learning to stop this will greatly improve your life as I'm sure you can imagine.  The absolute simplest way I've found to defeat procastination is to write down exactly what I need to do on a daily basis. I know this sounds so simple and mundane but it actually works! And I mean literally write it down. I have a yellow notepad next to my desk that has everything I need to do written down.


When I do the task, I check it off. If I do all my tasks that day I then go to my large calander on the wall and mark the day off with a big X. As you start seeing more and more Xs in a row the less likely you'll be to break the chain. It almost becomes a competition against that part of your subconcious that wants to watch TV rather than mow the lawn. At the end of the day when you put that X on the calander you get a good feeling and feel like you deserve that cold beer while you watch the game (worry free I might add).


Small Improvements Everyday 

The last thing I will mention is that you should do at least one thing everyday to improve yourself. What I mean by this is, make sure EVERY DAY (weekends included!) you do something so that when you wake up the next day, you're a better person. This could be anything that you deem to be self improving. Going to the gym, going for a run, reading a book, writing that novel you want to start, eating healthy foods, working on your business, studying, etc. The possibilities are endless! Small improvements everyday will add to motivation incredibly. I can tell you with 100% certainty that if you do something every single day that improves your life you will feel great about yourself. Lets say you workout (gym, run, pushups) every day for one year could you imagine how much better shape you would be in just one year?! Don't think about working out for a year, think about doing it for one day.. and the next day think about one day. It will become habit and a part of your life. Of course this applies to anything you want to do but working out is the easiest example because most people start working out and slowly quit weeks later. Again, this is something that you could do the calander trick for. Get another calander with another color X and fill in each day as you improve yourself. 


So I know that this article seems like fluff  and won't actually do anything but I can assure you it isn't. If you implement these simple changes in your life you will wake up a week, a month, a year from now feeling like a new man.  The beauty of this stuff too is that it lasts a lifetime. You don't have to spend hours a day to feel good, it's all about small improvements everyday for an extended period of time. I highly encourage you to just try it for at least a week or two and see if your life improves. Even the slightest improvement is worth it, because they will add up over time!