books on self improvementAre you struggling with some limiting or destructive habits such as smoking or procrastination? Do you wish you were more confident or had better communication skills? Or perhaps you just want to learn how o effectively manage your time or set and reach your goals. Instead of daydreaming about the person you wish you were, why not take some steps that will get you there?

Consider signing up for a self help program. Obviously you are not going to invest in something that you don't have any reason to trust. Before you start searching for an effective self help website or the best books on self help, consider the following 2 simple criteria:

Things You Will Need

connection to the internet, web browser

Step 1

1. Does the self help program or self-improvement book have a good reputation?

Look around, search some forums to see what those who have gone through the program have to say about it. Make sure to only pay attention to those who have accomplished the whole program. Too many people get discouraged or simply loose their excitement in the beginning of a course (perhaps they should start their self-improvement journey with acquiring some principles of determination).

Step 2

2. Is the program powerful enough to motivate you to leave your comfort zone?

I believe that the biggest reason why so many people's lives don't change even after learning some true principles about self improvement is because they haven't tried hard enough to make the necessary changes. I don't know how it is on other planets but here any greatness is always preceded by hard work. No pain no gain.

Grabbing a book and expecting it to change you life is just a wishful thinking. It NEVER works this way. You can quickly fix a bike or change a tire in your car but when it comes to your character or your emotional or financial life – you need to do two things: first you acquire the knowledge (by reading, watching or listening) and then you apply it.

Expect the application to hurt a bit. It's not easy to quit smoking or all of the sudden to loose the fear of talking to the opposite sex. And it's hard to get out of the rat race and become your own boss. The amount of people who testify of the effectiveness of particular self help program should give you a good idea about the program's power to motivate people to leave their comfort zone.

Please don't get discouraged by the necessity of putting on some efforts in order to accomplish the desired change in your life. Consider this: All who have done it unanimously attest that it was worth it. We live in very unique times. Pretty much everyone in the civilized world has access to the "secrets" of happiness. The "great experiment" began by the Founding Fathers of the United States of America who boldly stated that "all men are created equal" continues today. As crazy as it might sound, I believe that self help programs and books play some role in this revolution [link to Article Up1], because they make the desired by so many effects accessible to everyone.

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