Depression can be debilitating. It can hold you back it life. It can prevent you from enjoying the things you love. It is not something that should be taken lightly. It’s something that most people just try to outsource. They believe that hiring a professional to treat their depression means that they are alleviated of the responsibility to end it. Even the best psychologists in the world will agree that you need to be a participant in your healing. Going to therapy once a month is not solving your problem. It requires working alone as well. Catching yourself before you start falling into the worst moments. Deciding that the sadness is just too much work to continue. Depression is not something that you can outsource. It’s in you. You must self help for depression.

It's up to you

All the stories in the world won’t tell the therapist the person that you really are inside. You know more about yourself than you could possibly even remember to tell. A psychologist is a trained professional that can interpret what is said through words and body language but they can not read your mind. They’re just detectives trying to find evidence to make a case. Even when they think they figure out your problems they don’t know the solution. That will always be up to you.

DIY can work

Some might think, well, if I could find the answer without the therapist then why do I need them. Some people don’t need them. Some people do. Self help for depression can be done with or without a therapist. There are books, cds, and programs that can help you. These still require your participation. Most programs can help certain people. Everyone is unique. You’ll need to experiment to discover the best way to use each program for yourself. In my personal journey, I’ve found the classics to be of the most help for changing the way I think. They knew less about the reasons why people felt the way they felt but they gave specific tools for changing the way I felt. I’d particularly like to mention, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie.

Make a Decision

The truth about depression is that it can be controlled without any help from anyone. There are chemical reactions causing you to be particularly susceptible but in no case is it an excuse to give up on your own self-control. You need to make decisions, whether through self help for depression or therapy for depression, to think in a way that promotes the best out of yourself.

Depression is difficult to live with. It is a disease that causes millions of people to suffer through their days. But there is a positive. You have control of your mind if you decide to take it. Try and try again if you have to. Go to therapy or read books or do programs to help. Do anything that can help keep you positive and know that you are as free, as you are able to chose to be, from  depression.