Many people who smoke tobacco would like to quit. There is the health risks and of course the cost. However many people who try and quit smoking fail. The typical smoker will fail to quit between four and six times before they are actually able to subdue the addiction. They will try many things, such as patches, gums, and prescriptions. If willpower and all the chemical methods have failed you then you should consider a method based on self hypnosis smoking cessation.

Hypnosis is truly one of the easiest ways to quit smoking. If you really want to stop you can easily find the time to listen to a CD, MP3, or watch a DVD. These methods are specially designed to help you curb your cravings to smoke. There are a several different products you can try, all of which can be found easily online. A simple CD or MP3 download will be much cheaper than almost any other quit-smoking method and certainly cheaper than it is to keep constantly buying cigarettes.

Most people smoke out of psychological addiction rather than a physical addiction to nicotine. This is why an attempt to quit smoking through self hypnosis is so much more effective than the traditional chemical methods. All of the nicotine will be completely eliminated from a person's system in as little as ten days, usually even less. The hypnosis helps the former smoker to deal with the emotional and psychological reasons they smoke cigarettes. Something chemical methods can not possibly help with.

If you are going to quit smoking it is important to have support to help you. Most people look to their friends and family, but don't realize that the best support to help them stop smoking is their own subconscious mind. Stop smoking hypnotherapy helps people gain the strong support of this part of their mind. Hypnosis or hypnotherapy are primarily used to speak to the subconscious mind. Whether you hear the actual audio or not doesn't matter. You can even choose to sleep through these programs.

The impulse to light up is one of the hardest parts of the addiction to get rid of. Self Hypnosis for smoking will greatly help you remove this urge. The first part of this process is to recognize that you feel you need to smoke out of the pleasure and sense of relaxation that it gives you. Research shows that self hypnosis smoking programs can greatly increase your chances of success if you quit smoking because it helps you deal with the psychological addiction as well as the chemical addiction.