A Great Way to Fall Asleep

If you're like me, then you may have trouble sleeping. In an attempt to get myself to sleep easier I stumbled upon the very great technique of self hypnosis. Self Hypnosis can be very beneficial to both mental well being and physical health; it can help your body relax much easier and let you visualize things that can solve anxiety and other issues. In this article I hope to generally educate people on Self Hypnosis and the benefits of using it while you nap, sleep, or even just while you're on a break at work.

Starting Out

When I first began Self Hypnosis I listened to some audio tracks to guide me into a hypnagogic state. You can easily find videos for this on youtube or some other video hosting site by searching for things like "Sleep Hypnosis" "Guided Meditation" or "Lucid Dreaming". Usually one lays down on a soft, comfortable area such as a bed, couch or even a carpeted floor and closes their eyes. Their legs would be slightly apart with their arms close to their sides but not touching. This position helps keep you relaxed and comfortable for the mental process you are about to start.


The most important thing, I've found, while trying to hypnotize myself is to control my breathing. Breaths should be deep and long, focusing on how your torso lifts up to make room for excess air. Soon the movements should lull you easily and comfortably into a sleep like state. Try and remember to take deep breaths in while letting it out slowly through the mouth. Try and feel the cool air as it goes down your body and into your lungs, filling you with as much oxygen as you need to get the blood flowing. Soon your body will feel heavy and tired.


This part of the hypnosis allows you to stay awake and use the creative muscles in your brain to help put you in a more comfortable place emotionally. In the beginning you may have trouble picturing things as your mind may wander off; but it is important for you to remember that you are in control here. I like to imagine that I'm holding a ball, and with every breath in I throw the ball into the air and as I exhale the air out of my lungs I simultaneously catch the ball and squeeze it. This allows for my body to feel like it's doing more then just laying in bed and keeps me entertained for a while. Soon after this, my dreams begin to take their course but I remember that I'm dreaming. "This is a dream" I'll say quietly to myself in my mind; allowing me to maintain control in my dream world.

Sleep Paralyzation

Once in a great while my body will feel so heavy that I can not move. If this occurs to you, it is important to not panic and to remember you are in control. Take a few quick deep breaths in, and you should return to normal.

I hope this helps the reader in understanding more on the subject of Self Hypnosis and lucid dreaming. It's a very fun and healthy activity to try and do. If you can't fall asleep or dream lucidly, then always remember that practice makes perfect.