Self hypnosis is the royal road to employment. Self hypnosis promotes focus, sensitivity to job opportunity, overcoming the stress of unemployment, delivering super interviews and amazing job performance. However, in order to reap the benefits of self hypnosis directed toward employment, one must first spend some quality time mastering the simple techniques of self hypnosis. Once you learn to place yourself in a trance state you can then use this state of consciousness to feel and do whatever you want. There are a multitude of skills made possible with self hypnosis: street hypnosis, golf hypnosis, hypnosis orgasm, quit smoking hypnosis, etc.

Think of the self-hypnotic process as a circle. One begins at the topmost point on the circle and a key word or sound signals the consciousness to move to the right, and then another signal or key word signals the consciousness to move down the right side of the circle and then around the bottom and up the other side, always being guided by signals. The signals are predetermined and one leads to another. One ends up where he/she started, at the top of the circle. This represents waking consciousness and bottom of the circle represents maximum depth of the sleep-like state known as hypnosis. To put this abstract structure in physical terms, sit in a chair, preferably one with arm rests. Raise an arm so that it is parallel with the floor. Note how your arm is getting heavy. Count from 5-1 and tell yourself that when you reach one your arm will fall on your lap. Tell yourself that when your arm falls on your lap then your eyes will close and your head will fall forward. Notice how you are linking one signal to another to create a string of behaviors.

Affirmations and Pictures are at the Heart of Self Hypnosis

To gain maximum imprint on your subconscious mind and to implant the suggestions you want related to your job search, you will want to deepen your hypnotic state. Once your arm has fallen forward, your eyes closed and your head lowered to the side or forward, then you are already at the beginning of your hypnotic state. Now add to this state, the suggestion of going deeper. A standard image is to find you at the top of a stairway leading into a garden. As you set down you count from 5 to 1, and with each step you tell yourself you are going deeper into hypnosis (relaxation). When you reach the garden floor, you go and sit by the pond. You then look into the pond. You will see bubbles rising from the bottom and slowly rise to the top...begin counting the bubbles. Notice that the bubbles have pictures inside them, pictures of you doing one or more of your affirmations.

You will make up a list of affirmations before you begin the self hypnosis. Here is a suggested list:

I will search news sources for jobs every day

My awareness will increase. I am becoming fine tuned in seeing jobs where I did not see them before.

I will create jobs

I will be completely confident in all interviews and will respond to my interviewer appropriately.

You may rotate the list of affirmations or add different affirmations each day. When you are in the garden near the pond, the bubbles you see in your hypnotic trance will be images of you doing the affirmations you have planted or suggested. You see yourself doing these affirmations. So you have used hypnosis to take affirmations out of the abstract and to give you a concrete image of your doing them. And remember, there is a feeling component associated with each image. And remember that this process will work for a variety of skill and attitude change: covert hypnosis, golf hypnosis, quit smoking hypnosis and hypnosis orgasm. So while you are working toward find or creating work for yourself, you can enrich your life by using this process to obtain new dimensions of applications.

Self Hypnosis is the Royal Road to Employment

People often ask me how to come out of trance, how come back to full consciousness. "What if I get trapped in the hypnotic state, they ask. How do I get out. My response Is this: waking up or coming into full consciousness is all part of the process. The process is designed to lead your consciousness from one state to another. So that while you are at pool side you tell yourself you are going to count the bubbles and that when you have reached a hundred bubbles, you are going to graduallyemerge from the state.

A bit of advice: When you are searching for different applications of hypnosis, be aware that the variation in descriptive titles are nothing more than word substitution and change of word order. Some examples are: hypnosis show, street and clinical hypnosis, smoking cessation hypnosis, quit smoking hypnosis, hypnosis to stop smoking, covert and overt hypnosis, instant hypnosis and progressive relaxation. The basic foundation for all of these is the inductive process in which you create an altered state of consciousness in the client. Without this, you cannot move forward.