This article will teach you the most effective and practicable self hypnosis technique that I know.

With the presumption that you already got the basic knowledge of hypnosis we shall focus here more on the self hypnosis technique. However, few lines just to refresh your memory. Hypnosis is nothing more than the heightened receptive state of mind when it opens to accept suggestions effectively. There are lots of definitions but perhaps it can best be described as the state of entering deep into the subconscious mind while your conscious mind remains dormant to some extent. At this stage you can successfully feed suggestions to the subconscious part of your mind.

In one way or the other, we normally experience the effects of hypnosis in our daily life. Take the example of a salesperson who succeeds to sell you a product which you actually do not want to buy. He just used the power of suggestion. If you keep noting, you will find different usual happenings which can be linked to unnoticed hypnosis. To employ self hypnosis technique you do not need any hypnotherapist, you are the one to induce hypnosis sleep by yourself. The article is intended to offer you easy and practical steps of self hypnosis technique which, if followed persistently, can benefit you greatly.

To practice and employ self hypnosis technique you don't have to be a hypnotist nor a psychotherapist. To use self hypnosis technique, you should have the basic information, trust in what you will do, following the right method and practice with patience. These are the prerequisites of getting success through self hypnosis technique. To learn and implement self hypnosis technique you have to follow the mentioned guidelines.


Once you achieve the required level of skill in self hypnosis technique, you can effectively apply it for various motives - to get rid of any undesirable habit like smoking, getting rid of tension or stress, making you ready for an undesirable but essential work or event, getting rid of undue anger or feeling of hatred, controlling weight, to name a few. Learning the self hypnosis technique can be very rewarding.

Prepare yourself

To get the right results from self hypnosis technique, first you have to prepare yourself. Target your goal that you want to achieve through self hypnosis technique. Work out some simple phrases which you have to repeat during the process, as auto suggestion, without actually 'thinking' at that time.

Select a place where you will not be disturbed for about 15 - 25 minutes at least, away from any noise distractions. Lighting condition should be soft and subdued. If lying down could take you to sleep, sit in a very comfortable position where all your body can remain in resting and relaxed position throughout the process. The stomach should not be full, neither completely empty. In short, you must provide your body and mind the ideal conditions as the precondition of employing self hypnosis technique.

The process

As a second step of self hypnosis technique, free the tension from all over the body by stretching hard the whole body for few seconds and then relaxing it. Repeat this at least three times. By this you will be able to know the difference between tension and relaxation and can keep the body relaxed whenever needed. After few repetitions, just keep the body in relaxed state. This is essential while you work on the self hypnosis technique.

Now come towards the breathing. Correct breathing is much helpful for self hypnosis technique as it can help relax both the body and mind. To benefit fully with self hypnosis technique, your breathing pattern must be deep and slow. To attain this, exhale forcefully through the nose to empty the lungs fully, slowly inhale to refill them up to their full capacity. Do this for about 8-10 times. Now breathe normally - slow and deep breathing. This not only cleans the lungs but also helps to attain the beneficial deep rhythmic breathing pattern which is required in doing self hypnosis technique. Now you are ready both mentally and physically which can actually reward you the desired returns of self hypnosis technique.

To benefit duly from self hypnosis technique, mental concentration is a must. Self hypnosis technique fails with an ever distracting or wandering mind. Practice to improve concentration must be done whenever you have a chance. In applying self hypnosis technique you have to be able to focus your mind totally on what you are doing.

When you feel as your mind has stopped wandering, at least up to a satisfactory extent, you are ready for the first step of the actual process of self hypnosis technique. Gently announce or suggest to yourself that you are starting to count to three, and by the time you reach to three your eyelids will get puffy and will be hard to keep open…. you will feel very sleepy…. Keep repeating this procedure several times until you start feeling the results. This auto suggestion is an import part of self hypnosis technique. After some practice and honestly done sessions, you will certainly improve this part of the self hypnosis technique.

Now you have to go deeper and to an advance stage where the subconscious mind becomes highly receptive to your own suggestions. Be careful, you are coming closer to the optimum state of self hypnosis technique. Change the phrases as, when I count to three my sleep will get deeper and deeper. Repeat this process until you get a feeling of 'looking deep inside you' while the mind rests, not aware of the body's presence and when tranquility prevails. Enjoy the highest state of serenity and mental and physical relaxation which is the side benefits of doing self hypnosis technique. It is the most suitable point to give auto suggestion and it is the final goal of your self hypnosis technique.

At this stage, start giving auto suggestion of the targeted goal which you have to decide before starting the self hypnosis technique. For example, you want to free your mind from some fearful thoughts which you know are not going to materialize or, simply, you want to quit smoking. Be careful here, do not order or force your mind, just reason with logical and suggestive approach. Suggest yourself that how smoking is bad for you, its ill effects on your body, and so on; and that you should stop smoking; stopping it will not make you sick… and so on. This is the height of your self hypnosis technique.

Now comes the final awakening stage of the self hypnosis technique. Suggest yourself that as you start counting from three to one, you will start waking up from the sleep. After repeating this for few times, open your eyes. To come out of the relaxed physical state, stretch your whole body and induce tension into the muscles, from head to toe, then let go to relax totally. Repeat several times before getting up and doing the normal things. The results of properly done self hypnosis technique will be evident even from the beginning.

After going through all these stages, now it is the time to implement the targeted issue that you had suggested while performing the self hypnosis technique. Now you have to approach logically and forcefully to apply the suggestions through your conscious mind.

Believe it, if you practice hard and sincerely and when you are able to carry out the steps smoothly and successfully, you have accomplished the easiest, most effective and highly beneficial self hypnosis technique. You are ready now to apply it to anything in your life. Soon using self hypnosis technique will become your routine.

While the use of self hypnosis technique will bring a positive change in your life, the added benefits of improved concentration and physical and mental relaxation achievements will be something you cannot buy with money. Soon you will notice how the quality of life changes.