No matter if you want to front your own band, hold a tune around the camp fire or just rock out in your bedroom, every guitarist is looking for the easiest and most productive ways to improve their technique and playing ability. These self improvement techniques coupled with some dedicated practice will improve your guitar chops and have you closer to reaching your musical goals.

Learn From The Best Video Teachers On YouTube For Free

Listening or reading and then practicing can only take your guitar playing so far. The single best way to turbo-charge your guitar playing is to learn or improve your technique and song playing via video lessons. YouTube has established itself as the best repository of free online video lessons for guitar players. Is there a song you have always wanted to learn note by note? Are you interested in exploring blues, jazz or slide guitar? Are you struggling to accurately bend your strings to the correct notes or need assistance in improving your picking speed? There are thousands and thousands of guitar lessons that cover all of these areas and hundreds more available right now on YouTube, and best of all they are all free. The biggest problem is sorting the best lessons from the thousands of guitar instructional videos hosted on the site. This guide to the best guitar teachers on YouTube is a terrific place to start, as they have hundreds of lessons from the two best YouTube instructors covering the full gambit of songs, techniques and genres.

Leverage Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad To Improve Your Guitar Playing

Almost everyone has an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in their house. Thanks to the Apple App Store, these devices hold a treasure trove of fantastic applications focussed entirely on helping guitarists master their instrument. With apps ranging from tab readers to metronomes, tuners to full amp and stomp pedal modellers, every conceivable application that could possibly help the guitarist has been created. This guide lists the best apps to help the budding guitar playing improve his or her playing and don't forget that you can save all of those wonderful YouTube guitar lessons to your iDevice to continue your guitar learning progression even when you are not near your PC or guitar.

Undertake Quality Practice

It is not necessarily the amount of practice that determines how quickly you can shred on a guitar, but the quality of the practice undertaken. Concentrating on playing accurately at slower speeds instead of playing fast but sloppy will improve your technique and playing ability in the shortest time period possible. The use of a metronome or drum machine to help keep time is another important facet in quickly improving your overall guitar playing skill and dexterity.

Learn From The Best Guitar Instructional Books

The marketplace is full of quality instructional books and DVD's to help the budding guitarists learn the fundamentals of the instrument. Every great guitar player has a solid grasp of the fundamental techniques of the guitar and how they can be applied and even broken to create truly inspiring music. Discover the hottest guitar instructional books and DVD's to accelerate your guitar playing.

Open Your Ears To Different Sounds And Genres

The guitar has been a mainstay of popular music for over 90 years, from jazz and big bands of the 1920's, through blues, rock and pop music. Open your mind and expand you musical horizons by exploring guitar playing from different genres. Every guitarist's steels from the concepts and phrases created by the generation of guitarists who came before them. Discover the roots of rock and pop music with some of the greatest blues guitar heroes of all time and learn just how diverse the sounds and styles of a guitar can truly be and incorporate this new knowledge into your own playing.

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