Self Inflating Mattress Saves Time and Space

So, you are trying to get away for a weekend of camping with the kids. Sounded great, that was before you started packing the car. Your kids are trying to find their camping air mattress that they had been using in the pool, and now they need to deflate it and get it into this already overloaded car.

How come we need so much stuff?. What happens, is most of the older camping supplies, that we just keep using year after year, do not fold up quite the same way they did when they were first new. If you are still using those big old canvas tents, then you know what I mean.

But if you love camping, and would like to make life just a bit easier. Then consider getting a self inflating camping air mattress for everyone. No more searching for pumps and trying to fill the hole with gum or sticks or whatever else you have because the air mattress plug went missing. (They always seem to go missing).

Now, these self inflating camping air mattresses work well, but are not the best scenario if you have a bad back, in which case you should go more for a cot and sleeping bag rather than a camping air mattress on the ground.

But if you do not have back problems and you don't mind sleeping on the ground, then using this self inflating ones is a breeze. They are thick and insulating from the gro

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und. They should go on a ground sheet first, or the bottom of a tent works. They are a soft fabric rather than those slippery shiny ones where you find yourself on the floor in the morning! They are deceptive when you first look at one. It doesn't look like those big billowy shiny ones full of air you used to get. But they are really comfortable.

They also deflate just as fast. They roll up and can fit in all kinds of nooks and crannies in the car when it comes times for packing. I would not let the kids use these in the pool. They are affordable, and should be kept separate with all the camping supplies, so that when you suddenly decide that this is the weekend to get away, then you will have everything in one spot. Camping Air Mattress.


You can get a large tote with a closing lid, that can house all your camping supplies in the house, garage or shed. If it has a good closing lid, then this will keep critters and moisture out. As long as everything is packed away dry, then this would be a great place to store them. It just makes life easier when you decide you want to go camping.

A self inflating camping air mattress, is easy to set up. Just throw a sleeping bag on top and they are ready. It used to be that it would take a whole day just to get the tent setup and the air mattresses blown up. But not anymore. Many tents almost set themselves up, and with other things like a Portable camping kitchen that can keep your utensils in, then it is now a breeze to set up a camp site. The same goes for taking it down.

When unpacking from a camping trip. Try and get everything to work there way to this storage container. That way you have everything in one spot and ready to go. It doesn't hurt to come up with a check list either. Have it near your camping storage container or area, and then you know just what to grab. If you are trying to fit things into a car trunk, then you have to invest in lightweight camping gear, and a camping air mattress is one of them.

So, if you don't want to spend half your holiday trying to set things up, then consider getting easy to setup modern camping gear. It gives you more time for the holiday part.

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