Self motivation can be described as a state of mind where you have to be focused on what you are doing. The reason why doctors and engineers work efficiently on their work is because they have self motivation and they are so much focused on what they are suppose to do. Teachers in school always find it hard to deal with students who have no interest in whatever they are doing in school whether in studies or in extra curriculum activities. Motivating such kind of students is a very difficult task. 

If a student is in such kind of situation there must be something which is affecting him personally or any other kind of problem and this is going to be difficult to concentrate on his studies or doing any type of activity within the school. When a student has no motivation he portrays demotivated behaviors like of interest and having a very bad feeling. This is the right time to motivate the student so that he can be inspired or become motivated in life and keep things moving on. Do not go for external motivation go for self motivation because it is the best and the most effective technique. A student should know how to motivate himself so that he can keep on going with school work activities. Some of the best and effective self motivation techniques for students have been mentioned below.

 A student is suppose to have a dream and a target before he starts working on it. Set a target which is not difficult to achieve. In order for the student to fulfill the dream he has to dream big. If you have an idea on what you want to achieve all your plans are going to work well and effectively.
A student is suppose to plan wisely. If the student has a goal, it good to write it down somewhere on a note book or anywhere until that dream is going to be accomplished. The best self motivation technique for students is to come up with two plans which are going to help him so that he archives the right goal. If one plan does not succeed he needs to use the second plan. But it is essential for the student to make all the plans which he has foolproof.
The student needs to execute his plan because he has a dream already you just need a good plan. Do not start wasting time and do not procrastinate, you need to start executing the plan immediately. There is no problem at all if you start executing all your plans from a very small thing.

One of the effective self motivation techniques for a student is how to optimize all his plans. All the resources which the student has they have to be optimized useful. Associate with other students who have the same goals as yours, make use of the knowledge which you have achieved and use all the things which you have useful. If a student wants to succeed then he has to have an optimistic attitude. 

Reward yourself for any kind of achievement because of implementing all the goals which you planned. There is no body in this world who does not like to be praised in the work he is doing. The best motivation technique to human beings is reward. There are several ways in which you can reward yourself by indulging in a hobby which you like or going for a party.

These are some of the major self motivation techniques for students but you can also research more techniques through books as well as biographies. A student can also look for inspirational quotes and write them in his note book so that the student can be reading them daily and he will be motivated in life. The best self motivation technique for a student is that they should not give up in life even if it is difficult how. You can only be successful in life when you persevere.

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