Self Publishing an eBook

Self publishing is without a doubt, the way forward for many authors because of a number of factors, one being the move into electronic media reading tools like the Kindle, the Nook, Sony E Reader and the iPad. Another thing that is pushing change is that publishing houses have been expecting writers to do more of the publicity work for published books anyway and that has led authors to work out for themselves, that why should they get only a small percentage of the price on a book sold through normal channels, when, if you build a following through online means you can have all of the money.
Best Software for professional writers - Scrivener
The first thing to do is to write the book, whether it be a novel or something non fiction, I recommend the software called Scrivener, which has some great tools to help writers with the process of organising a book. You might even start the outlining process using some mind mapping software, which allows you to get your ideas out of your head in a non linear fashion. Whatever works the best for you, I also know writers that are still back in the dark ages writing with a pen on paper. How can that be, in this day and age? Another good reason to use Scrivener is the fact that you can output your work completely ready to publish, in the correct ePub format, and the Kindle format. There are other softwares that will do that but not as good.

Choose Lulu self publishinga publishing service to get it out there where people can buy it. I chose but there are other services out there that will do the same job. Lulu will let you publish your book in eBook form only or you can have it put in to physical format, and actually have it printed on paper to go on a real shelf, not just a virtual shelf inside an electronic device. They will give you an ISBN number which you will need so that it can go into the iBook Store and be sold for the iPad. It is one of the rules that Apple have in place for you to conform to if you want to sell your work. You will need to create some artwork to be the book cover, something attractive to look at and eye catching will help the sales of the book.

Lulu and other Publishing Services

The process is very simple and it takes just a short time to arrange it all on the Lulu web site including the uploading of the ePub format book. Your new book finds its way onto the iBook Store in a matter of days after that. The iBook Store suffers from the same affliction as there is in the old fashioned publishing world, in that the book is bound into regional holding pens. The book will only get onto the country specific iTunes stores that allow the sale of iBooks. This is a huge mistake when there is a so called World wide web which should be one market, only restricted by the languages that people can read.

Sell Your eBook Novel

You can set whatever price you want for the book and are able to sell it via Lulu, off your own web sites, on the Kindle and iPad. The thing to do is to is to create a following for your work using social media like FaceBook and Twitter. Another thing to consider is to sell the book using affiliates. Give people the chance to earn money though selling you book and have an army of volunteers working for you. Much better to give 50% of the price of the book to affiliates than to have 100% of nothing.