Can you believe that there are approximately forty-thousand self storage facilities operating in the United States today, which comes to roughly a little more than a billion feet of storage? These seem like tremendous numbers, don’t they?  Well, there’s a good reason…

People are in need of more room every day.  So, if you have an enormous amount of furnishings and miscellaneous, it probably means that you don’t have sufficient room to keep them in.  What do you do?

The most useful solution would be storage.  And more people who offices or homes are leaning toward self storage facilities.  And they are utilizing these units without fear for their property, because anything you put in these units are treated with great care and protection.  What’s more, you have the option of using your own padlock and key so that it’s only you that can get into your unit.

So, even though there are many very large companies running these units, there are plenty of smaller companies with lower rates and comparable facilities.  They are there to equip you with clean and secure units providing locks, boxes, packing supplies, hand trucks and whatever else you may need to make that move of house of office easier. 

Some of the benefits you should be looking for self storage unit:

  • Top of mind safety and security
  • Twenty four hour access, seven days a week
  • Air-conditioning (temperature controlled) units
  • Sized to meet your needs
  • Packing supplies
  • Truck rental
  • Hand trucks and flat beds for ease of moving heavy loads
  • Insurance
  • Secured fencing and gating
  • Weather stripping on the doors to prevent rain from coming into the units.
  • Thirty foot wide paved aisle or wider for easy access to units
  • Closed circuit television cameras

Valuable possessions are meant to remain just that, and using self storage affords you the opportunity to remove them from a home that may be cluttered with your necessary daily items but not enough room for those items.  You don’t want to take the chance of damaging them, so storage may be the answer.  Be assured that you will get a storage size just right for those items.  Be assured that your items won’t be transferred to another unit without your permission, because traditional storage units do move your possessions without prior notice or permission.

With all the above facts, there can’t be any doubt that self storage facilities are a flexible, solution to your business or family’s growing needs.  As your family grows and new families develop right before your eyes, there’s nothing like a place to ‘put things away for awhile’.  Just until you need them again.  And for the ever changing business life, storing your most important papers can be imperative in the future.

Self storage units are reasonably priced because of the competition. They end up struggling for your business.  So gather up your precious goods and put them safely away, until the next time.