Self storage services are a very useful way to hold on to things when space might be in short supply. The abundance of storage locations in most areas makes it very convenient to access your storage rental. Self storage services often are rented out with monthly or yearly leases, requiring a contract to be signed and renewed at a set time period. Rates vary and many times it is possible to negotiate a lower rate if you are planning to use the service for a longer period of time.

One thing to consider when choosing a location is the proximity of the facility either your home or place of business. Not all storage facilities are open twenty four hours; in fact many have specific hours of access that they allow. Check to make sure that the accessibility is in line with your needs before you commit with a certain facility. Also it is important to consider the type of things you will be storing – are they temperature sensitive? If so, it might be worth it to acquire a storage space with temperature control or even refrigeration. As you might expect, these added features will increase the cost of the rental.

Another important factor in choosing a storage location is ease of access to the unit itself. Some larger units include their own garages that may allow you to drive a vehicle inside for easier unloading. Some are smaller and have parking in front of a door or smaller roll-up garage. Make sure the opening and access to your storage unit is large enough to allow you to load the items you want to store.

Security may vary at different storage services locations. Some storage facilities have security cameras, on-site guards, and barbed wire fencing as well as locks for individual storage units. While you may not personally require all of these security features, it is important to see what kind of security the storage facility has. Be wary of businesses that have cameras setup but do not maintain or operate them – ask the self storage service how long they keep video footage and what their general policy on theft and vandalism is.

Before you sign a rental or lease agreement, be sure to check for any limitations in the type of objects you may be able to store. For example, many self storage services do not allow flammable liquids to be stored on site. In addition, some storage services charge extra to allow multiple people access to the storage site. If you are going to have different people accessing the storage, this might be an important detail for you to investigate before you commit to a rental.

Lastly, always remember to keep your storage unit properly maintained and in good condition. Many rental or lease agreements will hold the renter liable for any damages and liability that the storage unit incurs. Since many rental agreements include a deposit, it is important to keep damage to a minimum in order to ensure a full deposit refund.