Everything You Need to Know About Sunless Tanning

We all want to have that glorious glow reminiscent of the days following a relaxing beach vacation but at what risk? The recent news confirming the serious skin cancer risks associated with tanning beds and ultraviolet radiation from the sun is prompting a renewed interest in safer alternatives for achieving that coveted bronze glow. One great way to get that sun-splashed glow without damaging your skin is to try a self tanner.

I know for some of you, that brings up visions of messy products that are difficult to apply, embarrassing streaks, and unpleasant chemical smells. For anyone who has any experience with using self tanners, any one of these inconvenient drawbacks could be enough of a turn-off to avoid this type of product. While some of these formulas have earned their sour reputations with consumers, others are an effective substitute for spending time out in the sun! The key to finding a great self-tanning product is to know what to look for when you shop and understand the right way to apply it.

The good news is that some of your favorite cosmetics companies have worked hard to correct these unpleasant issues of the past and bring new and much improved products to the marketplace. This next generation of self tanners is changing the rules when it comes to home tanning. Some of the most significant recent developments are:

  • Products that are nearly odorless
  • Sunless tanners that apply evenly without streaking
  • Natural color that matches your skin tone and does not turn orange
  • Less chemicals and more natural ingredients

With these positive changes, it is now possible to get a high quality tan at home; without exposure to the risks of UV radiation of any kind. Skin cancer has always been a concern but for some people, it takes scientific research proving just how much danger exists before they are willing to take action.

The recently published study that compared the risks associated with tanning beds to the dangers of Mustard Gas is finally getting attention from the mainstream media. Why worry about potential long-term risks when there is a much safer way to get a gorgeous golden glow?

Are You Ready to Try One?

Here are a few products that are selling well and getting positive reviews from consumers:

  1. Adonia Bronzing Glow and Serum from Adonia Organics
  2. Bare Escentuals Faux Tan
  3. Peter Thomas Roth Natural Looking Self Tanner
  4. Aqua Tan Clear Self-Tanning Treatment for Face

Any one of these self tanners should give you a great, natural looking tan without any hassle.

5 Essential Application Tips

The application process may seem complicated at first but getting great results is as simple as remembering a few important tips and sticking to them every time you apply your tanning product. Start by using your favorite exfoliating scrub a few hours before you plan to apply your tanner. When you are ready to begin, follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Start with clean, dry and skin that is free of any other skin care products.
  2. Begin with your upper body and gradually work your way down.
  3. After blending it in until it's even, gently polish the surface of your skin with a warm, damp (not soaking wet) cloth. This helps to prevent streaking and dark spots.
  4. Protect your cuticles from collecting excess product with a thin layer of Vaseline. Believe it or not, this really works!
  5. Wash your hands thoroughly, immediately after you finish.

By following this process every time you tan, you can count on beautiful and consistent results.  Your color should last several days before gradually beginning to fade as you skin sheds dead cells and replaces them with new ones. As a general rule, re-apply your favorite tanner about once every three or four days to keep your bold, sun-kissed glow fresh and attractive.