Most people will prefer a radiant glow to their skin. While there are many forms of tanning that can provide this bronzed appearance, some are more dangerous than others. With the increasing cases of skin cancer resulting from overexposure to ultraviolet rays, doctors and other professionals are advising against sun bathing or the use of tanning beds.

I am quite concerned with the risks of these methods and decided to research the other available options for tanning. Self tanning spray is becoming a very popular choice among those of us looking for a natural tan without being exposed to the potential health risks.

A self tanning spray simply sprays color onto the top layer of skin. In essence, it is quite similar to applying makeup to the skin. It actually works as a mist that reacts with a layer of dead skin cells. This reaction turns the skin into a shade of brown. The darkness of the tan will depend on the type of spray and number of applications.

A spray does not stimulate the skin to keep tanning after application; this is normally the process of many tanning lotions. I have noticed that a tan created by a lotion can take up to two hours to fully develop while spray tanning is instant.


However, these sprays are not designed for long term results. In fact, the glow will usually last five to seven days and will ultimately be washed away after a few sessions in the shower.

These sprays can be quite tricky to apply to certain areas. You will find that for successful results, it is advisable to have a trusted helper during application. This person can evenly spray the hard to reach areas like the back, back of knee caps and neck.


Sprays also require an ample time to dry. Users should avoid white towels and wait several minutes before dressing after application. If the skin is still moist, the color can rub off and even stain clothing.

Here are several great examples of the best self tanning spray:

The first is the Adonia Bronzing Glow Self Tanner. Actually, this product is quite popular among celebrities due to it’s high level of success. Most sprays tend to leave a very unsightly orange cast to the skin, instead of a healthy bronze. With just a few mists of this product, the skin has a Greek, golden-brown glow.

It also leaves behind no streaks, creating a perfectly even appearance. Adonia possesses a pleasant, botanical scent as opposed to the unappealing odor left behind by many other products in this category.

A trusted cosmetic and personal care company creates a top notch self spray tan as well. The Loreal Self Tanning Spray known as L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Pro Perfect Salon Airbrush Self Tanning Mist is a great product. This spray comes in one color, medium natural tan.

It provides an extremely natural and even tan all over the body. It also dries quickly to allow women to dress soon after use.

This product is colorless so it does not stain the room or clothing during application. However, you may find it easier to use in the shower stall so that any excess residue or over spray can simply be washed away.

The only con to this product is that it’s lack of tinting makes it hard to determine where it has already been applied. There is also a hint of odor to this bronzer.

Another quality sun self tanning spray is the Neutrogena Sunless Tanning Micro Mist. This is an aerosol type of spray that provides easy and even coverage. It is also completely alcohol free. The mechanism that sprays the solution actually works even when the bottle is held upside down. This feature is perfect for hard to reach spots.

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tanning salonAside from self tanning sprays, I have also researched a device known as a self tanning spray machine. Actually, there are two types of these devices. The first is a small, portable airbrush tanning unit. This piece can be used in a salon or brought to a customer’s home.

A technician uses the machine and applies the solution with a spray tan gun. The newer units have very little over spray and create less mess than the older machines. However at home, you may prefer standing in the shower or in front of the tent provided by the technician to protect the surrounding area.

Several features contribute to the success of these machines. The condition of the skin, the quality of solution being used as well as the skill of the technician will all determine how successful the outcome.

The process normally takes 20 to 30 minutes and the bronzer may stain right after application. During the initial shower, much of the bronzer will be washed away and the skin will be left with a healthy tan.

More common than the small airbrush unit is the self tanning booth found at many salons. These booths are fully automatic and do not require a technician. This allows for a bit more privacy during a session. The booth are designed to always deliver the perfect flow of solution for the customer.

However, it’s success also depends on the skin condition of the individual and the type of mist being used. Most salons do use the type of solution recommended by the manufacturer of the booth and this is normally of the highest quality.

Salon booth self tanning can be more expensive than airbrushing but it is a quicker process. The entire session usually lasts approximately 10 minutes. The resulting tan is often more natural and a bit lighter than that of an airbrush unit. It also has much less risk of producing an orange appearance. Spray booths utilize a spray that contains little to no bronzer which also eliminates streaks and stains.

These methods of self tanning are healthier alternatives to the once traditional tanning bed or laying out in the sun. Personally, I do not want to increase my risk of cancer or damage to my health while getting a tan.

Therefore, I am pleased to have options such as self tanning sprays and spray tanning machines. Tanning salon attendants can provide advice and suggestions for which method may work best for an individual’s specific tanning needs.