Imagine a guitar that could tune itself. Do you struggle to tune your guitar? Well now you can relax and let the new Peavey AT-200 just announced at the NAMM 2012 show do the work for you. This guitar features new technology that will tune your guitar as you play the instrument. Never again will you go out of tune as you play your favorite music. This guitar works just like a regular instrument and has the same features. Find out more about his new auto tune guitar in this article about the Peavey AT-200.

The Auto Tune Peavey AT-200

Peavey Electronic has partnered with Antares Audio technology to bring the world the Peavey At-200 guitar which features auto-tune features. This musical instrument can electronically self-tune and intonate as you play the guitar. When you push a button on the AT-200 you’ll create music in perfect pitch and tune every time you play a note. No more stopping between songs and messing with that tuner to get the pitch you want. The At-200 looks and plays exactly like a regular guitar but keeps your strings in tune.

Peavey AT-200 Auto Tune Guitar Changing The Way We Tune Guitars

This new guitar may change the way guitars are played and recorded since you won’t have to stop and re-tune during your live performance. You won’t waste time as a producer or engineer on tuning and intonation issues during recording sessions. Perfect pitch is now possible with the AT-200 auto tune guitar. With built-in software upgrade capabilities new features from Antares can be loaded into the AT-200 and controlled by a MIDI resource, everything from MIDI foot controllers to iPad or iPhone devices running the auto-tune software. The system will continuously monitor the precise pitch of each string and will electronically make any corrections necessary so every chord, riff, bend, and anything else you play is always in tune. It won’t matter how hard you pick strum, or the finger position you use, everything will stay in perfect tune all the time. This guitar will produce a purity of tone that has not been possible before. The guitar will be available in July 2012 from Peavey dealers. You can visit Peavey and find out more information on this guitar.

My Thoughts

The idea of a guitar that never goes out of tune is a nice one but it’s hard to say what this guitar will sound like or just how the system will work. I would buy a guitar like this if it does stay perfectly in tune but I kind of like tuning my guitars myself since I like the hands on experience of tuning. I am wondering how the guitar will handle altered tunings as well as regular tunings for guitar. I think that this technology however will be ideal for recording purposes since there are many examples of poor tone in song  that have been recorded with out of tune notes or sour pitches.

Most professional guitar players are probably going to love the idea of recording their music in perfect pitch all the time. For a new guitar player this might be a lazy way to stay in tune. I think you should learn about pitch and tones by using your ear and not having to rely on something to do it for you.  Teaching someone to tune their guitar by ear is a valuable learning experience for any guitar player. This new auto tune guitar will have the advantage of keeping your guitar always in tune but at the same time the disadvantage of taking away the learning process of tuning an instrument by ear. I do think that this new guitar could be a real innovator in the music industry world, depending of course if musicians embrace the technology. This Peavey AT-200 auto tune guitar looks like it could be a cool upcoming guitar and one well worth investigating once it’s released into the marketplace.