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Krav Maga is a hand to hand combat system that was first developed in Israel. This self defense method involves wrestling, grappling and striking techniques. Krav Maga is known for its brutal and extremely efficient counter attacks, generally taught to Israeli Special Forces. This self defense technique was developed by Imi Lichtenfield, deriving the skills from street-fighting and incorporating it with his boxing and wrestling training. He used Krav Maga as a way to defend the Jewish Quarter against Bratislavian fascist groups in the late 1930s, and then further developed it with extensive hand to hand combat training.

Krav Maga Basic Principles

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Krav Maga is not considered as sports style martial arts, instead, it focuses on real life situations that need self defense and hand to hand combat. This martial arts style also emphasizes on stopping threats effectively and quickly in order to get away safely. To deal with threats safely, a practitioner is taught the various ways on being brutally attacked on body parts like the eyes, groin, neck and fingers. The use of any available object in the immediate environment and turning them into deadly or combatant weapons is also encouraged.

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There are no general rules in Krav Maga, mainly because it is to be used for self defense, rather than for offense. The fighting styles are also not regulated, but used to keep the practitioner safe while incapacitating the opponent if necessary. Both men and women have to undergo the same drills, while continuously aiming to perfect the techniques. Krav Maga has no sporting federation, and compared to other martial arts, it has no specified attire or uniforms. However, some organizations that employ Krav Maga recognize a practitioner’s progress through rank badges, levels and belts during training.

Krav Maga General Principles

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Krav Maga, as a martial arts utilized mainly for self defense, follows general principles such as attacking preemptively or counter attacking ahead of the opponent’s expectations. Another is targeting the impact of attack to the most vulnerable points of the human body such as the jaw, eyes, throat, knee or groin. A practitioner is also expected to neutralize the threat as quickly as he can by counter attacking with a continuous stream of blows and if possible, to get a joint break or a takedown as fast as he can.

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Krav Maga is considered as the ultimate self defense focused martial arts as each practitioner is trained to be aware of his surroundings at all times, while stopping the threat so that he can eventually escape or incapacitate further attackers. By being aware of his environment, he can also effectively find objects that he can use to defend himself or thwart the opponent.

Krav Maga shares many characteristics found in other disciplines, such as boxing, muay thai, karate, jujitsu, kobudo, judo and wrestling. However, the training is very different, as the focus is for fighting under critical conditions, protection of others, fighting in disadvantageous positions, and fighting multiple opponents.