self publish your book.

Alternate book publishing methods.


Self publishing your book: What’s it and how can you achieve success using it.

Today, due to the hard fiction market, and not less, the non-fiction market, are both very hard to break through. The Publishers and editors want only the work they want, and what will sell very good. They don’t look at new and un-established writers, and many-a-times don’t even look at their works. When this market is growing, and publishers are taking only the work of some established writers, it is still dreams of many people to just get their works published. Coping with large no. of rejections is also a very hard task. You’ve done so much hard-work to complete your manuscript, and now it is getting rejecting a lot more than you can think of. Agents now-a-days are also hard to get with. In these entire crisis, there is one solution, which though less people choose, but can be even more beneficial than wasting years in getting a work published, here’s how.

SELF PUBLISHING – what’s it and how it works.

Self publishing is being widely accepted these days. It’s of two types, with both having their features.

Self publishing: It’s like that you have to pay for it, and your book gets published with nos. according to your payment, and all the works before making the ready-for-publication book, and after that(marketing etc.) are all in the hands of the writer. The company just makes it copies, and asks for a certain amount.

Vanity publishing: vanity publishers are different. They Charge a specific amount of money, and like self publishing one, accept almost any manuscript. They do all works like editing, mechanical editing, setting keywords, designing the book, publishing and marketing it. Making orders, and also sending them to book sites. As soon as we submit our work to them, all work, from the publishing to getting the money – cheque, is done by them. They are more beneficial; though charge more than normal self publishing.

Author house publishing: This was the first company in self publishing. It provides us the entire control over the publishing process, and also markets our book in the bookstores and libraries. It is helpful for those looking for good but cheap publication, the cost varies on the quality of publication. It is the most liked by writers to the date. 



Dorrance publishing: It also gives us control on the entire process, but its marketing and selling is very low. It is just for those who want to see their book in print. They charge very high, sometimes reaching 7000$, and the money got by sales, not even reaches the amount that is payed to publish it. And, they also take some % of the royalties, so it’s very risky company.



Abbott press:  It is a branch of the writers’ digest company. It is very new, but match up right to the standards of writers’ digest. They set a specialist for us, and to help us guide the entire process of publication. There is 5-way publishing process, with different packages and also various discounts to choose from, before and after publishing. 

And the last but not the least, the Mill City press. It is one of the newest and one of the best in this field. It gives us the entire control, pays 100% royalties to us, unlike others, and also takes the right wholesale amount, they take what they give.



So now, you have published your book by self-publishing, but you’re not so sure that self publishing will sell much. Now, what can you do to fulfill your goal and earn money and fame at the same time. Now that it is published, send it to agents that are specific in your field. If they like it, it can then again be published by some other big publishers. You can also send it to some writers, which if they like, will publish it by their publishers.

Also, there are many opportunities that you can get by self publishing. And using it too, you can surely stay away from all the legal disputes, conditions when the publisher stops publishing, and many cases that can bring down your good work.

So write a book and self publish it today!