Want To Become An Avon Selling Representative?

If you have seen the Avon commercial and want to become an Avon Representative to start selling Avon products, then you want to do it through someone you know or do it directly from the sell Avon website. Selling Avon products can be a very lucrative business for women even in this tough economy. Avon products have withstood the test of time being in business and giving women a chance in business for over 120 years.  Many Avon Representatives earn hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month.  Some very successful Avon Representatives earn a cool six figures.

Because Avon is such an American institution, you really don't have to do any selling at all.  Many people look for their Avon catalogs every month.  People are glad to see you drop off and Avon catalogue and women love to flip through them. According to sellavon.com, you can start making a "full time" salary just working 20 hours a week "part time." 

Is Becoming An Avon Representative Right For Me?

Well technically, only you can answer that.  However if you love having make-up parties and talking to women about how to look better, feel better and think better about themselves while making a few dollars at the same time, then selling Avon products may be a good fit for you.  If you are not a people person, then you should try another way to make a "full time" income working "part time." Avon is, and always will be a people business.  With the Internet, you may find a way to sell your products online, but still the heart of an Avon sale is person to person contact.


How Much Will I Make Selling Avon?

As stated above, there are people making over $100,000 annually selling Avon.  Many representatives make hundreds and thousands of dollars monthly.  It all depends on how you nurture your business.  Luckily, Avon products really sell themselves.  Avon has over 5 million direct sellers throughout the world, so you will have great support.  They also help you each step of the way in your business, so you don't have to feel as if you are alone. With such a proven track record in helping women make money and setting women in their own businesses, it's hard to fail at Avon unless you are just not cut out to be a people person or selling products is just not your cup of tea.  It is really up to you how much you put into it and ultimately, how much money you make from it.  It's your business.


How Do I Get Started?

After you have done some more research and decided whether selling Avon is right for you.  You should sign up through a trusted representative or go directly to the sellavon.com website or call Avon's phone #855-516-Avon in order to sign up properly.  You should never just sign up with just anyone online.  You want to make sure the person you sign up with will be there to help you. Therefore the best way to sign up is through someone you know or on the official sellavon.com website, or by calling the phone number for sellavon above.



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