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Gift card selling and swapping has become more popular than ever. When people receive a card to a store or restaurant that they are sure not to use, instead of hurting the gift givers feelings, you can simply go to a gift card swap site to exchange or sell your card.

Gift cards are more popular than ever. You can buy them in almost any store you shop at and even restaurants, movie theaters and hair salons sell them too. Gift cards are a convenient but does the receiver really want the gift card?

There are dozens of websites you can visit to either exchange or sell unwanted cards and these websites are legit because exchanging and cashing in cards has become a booming business, especially after the holiday season. People spend money on millions of cards each year that are never used and the stores and restaurants know this is true. The stores and restaurants receive money selling a piece of plastic for $25.00 and up and when those cards expire because they were never used, the stores and restaurants benefit from this because it's a huge profit for them in the long run. An example is when you receive a card to a store or restaurant you'll never shop or eat at. The store or restaurant never has to sell their product because you never used the card. The stores and restaurants made a killing selling a piece of plastic. Think about it.

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Here's a tip of advice. Sit down in front of your computer with your gift cards, visit a search engine and do a search for gift card swap, swapping gift cards, gift card exchange, exchange gift cards or sell gift cards if you want cash instead of swapping/exchanging a gift card. There are dozens of legit companies who offer lists to thousands of retail locations to certified partners of check cashers and retail financial service centers. Consumers can simply walk in to receive cash on the spot.  Another option is mailing your gift cards to a company who will send you a check is you wish.

If you're in the market to stock up on gift cards you know the gift receiver wants or needs, many of the gift card exchange or sell websites sell discounted gift cards too. You can get a lot more for your buck and save yourself time purchasing them online.

This holiday season when you receive a gift card that you're not happy with, smile showing appreciation for the gift card and then go get a gift card you'll enjoy and use or put some extra money in your pocket. Gift cards no longer need to be a gift you're not happy with. Also, don't let the stores and restaurants take the gift givers money from purchasing a piece of plastic. The day gift cards came out, I understood it was just another way for the stores and restaurants to make a huge profit. It's always about the money, don't you agree?