There are situations when somebody needs to sell annuity payments for getting an amount of cash they need very quickly for some financial emergency. One can have such annuity payments from various sources, be it they've won a lawsuit and now they are paid in periodic installments instead of getting their settlement as a lump sum, or they've got a life insurance policy and they are now cashing in a monthly pension, or other arrangement that supposes somebody gets some amounts of money or regular basis on a long term.

Selling annuity payments is possible: you sign over your payments to a third party who gives you a cash advance sum to satisfy your current needs, sum that is smaller than if you waited to cash in your annuity payments as initially scheduled. Although you get less cash, the main benefit and the reason you're trading your annuities is that you get it fast, you get it now when you need to buy a new home or to undergo major surgery, and not in 10 or 15 years from now when it may be too late for these things.

Here you have two options: you can either sell all your annuity payments or only a part of them. This, of course, depends on how much cash you need to get fast. The transaction is usually done via a broker of annuities and structured settlements, who'd also charge you a fee for the provided services. Yet, if you were to find investors and annuity buyers by yourself, you may never be able to actually sell annuity payments and get your cash. Brokers have an annuity selling system and they know how to do it, as selling annuities is after all their daily trade and the thing that buys them the daily bread and butter.

If you insist to do it on your own, then you'd better be good at research and hire a lawyer to help you, as you may end up scammed. A very important thing when choosing an investor is to manage to gather some testimonials from other clients, to see how other people have worked with the respective company. Besides, you could also do a background check on the shareholders and on the company itself, as you may never know what could come up when doing a little bit of digging into history. Another good point is that you need to get more than one offer, so you can have a choice, thus increasing the probability to sell annuity payments for maximum possible.