How to Sell Books on Ebay

If you are like many people you might be wondering what to do with used books you have sitting around your home. Ebay is still the world's larest online auction site and you can sell your goods through the site and make an income doing it. In fact you can turn your love of reading into a full-time business just by buying and reselling on Ebay.  In this article we'll look at how to sell books on Ebay. Before you get started you'll need to visit Ebay and sign up for an account if you don't already have one.  To accept payments you should also sign up for Paypal.

Sell Your Books First Steps

Selling books on Ebay is very simple.  The site has a system that will recoginze the ISBN number or name of the publication and print you out a nice looking advertisement from the details. You can of course enter in the information yourself and provide your own pictures too. Click on the sell button to begin to make advertisments. You can sell fiction books, how to books, or any other type of publication you have. You can make incone from selling individual books but it's often better to sell  in sets or lots which will bring in more buyers.

Selling In Lots

To make more money on ebay it's often better to buy book lots and sell them as series or sets. For example, you might have a trilogy that you could sell as one lot instead of making individual advertisments for each book. More people will be attracted to buying all three since they would save money this way. If you can pout together a large series you sell those and drive additional traffic views to the other books you are selling. If you have a large volume it's a good idea to open up an Ebay store to keep track of your expanding inventory. If you are selling just nonfiction, stick to single books or group similar titles into a lot such as books about World War II as an example. In general book lots will give you more sales.

How To Sell Books on Ebay Finding Inventory

When I was selling books on Ebay, I quickly ran out of my own personal stock and needed to find new books to sell. While you can find good deals on book lots through Ebay itself, sometimes looking in other places is a whole lot better for your sales potential. When looking for books to sell you need to visit garage sales which are an excellent place to get a ton of very cheap books that people want to get rid of.  If they have plenty of them you can make them an offer and perhaps get the whole lot. It's best to go very early to garage sales and get the goods before anyone else can swoop them up. When looking for books this way you want ones that are in good condition since it's difficult to sell things that are beat up on Ebay. Other places to look for stock include flea markets, and swap meets.  Don't buy books from used book stores unless you can get them at a very low price because you won't make a decent profit from them.

Close Outs and Going Out of Business Sales

Sometimes you can get luck and get a huge number of very cheap books from stores that need to close-out stock or used book stores that are going out of business. You'll find these close-out sales from time to time on Ebay but be warned you'll need the space for all the books so only buy these large lots if you can handle it.  A sale like this can really kick start your online buisness and help you get off the ground quickly if you have the capital for it. Sales like this can be risky so you need to make sure the sale is for books you can actually sell.

Shipping Costs

One factor to con sider with selling books is the high cosdt of shipping heavy materials. You`ll need to add some handling charges into the cost of your books to help cover your shipping fees and packaging. you can visit the store and ask for boxes from retailers to pack your goods in. For individual books use padded mailers that you can buy at any business store. Keep track of your overall shipping and handling costs and cover them in your sales or you`ll find yourself losing money quickly. For each sale you need to generate some type of profit even if it`s just a few cents because a large volume of sales will add up over time. 

You Can Sell Books on Ebay

You can sell more books on Ebay if you go about it in the right way. Be sure to check your competition and see the types of books that are selling. Book selling can be a bit of hit and miss at times but as you learn you`ll gain more experience and make more sales. Your best bet is to get some large lots and break them up into books sets by author or series and sell them that way. Non fiction will sell better as singles or books on the same subject matter.  Good luck with your book selling on Ebay.