If you make and sell arts and crafts, and are looking for a different project to do that will sell at your next craft show, then why not consider craft kits.

These can be very lucrative at a craft show especially, and can also make great gift ideas. Many people will buy them for gifts, so this opens up your craft business market.

Craft Kit Ideas

You need to do a bit of brainstorming in the beginning, but once you have your craft kits made up, then you can sell them along side your arts and crafts. They are not really competition to each other, as many customers at these craft shows and craft fairs quite often want to create a craft rather than buy one, or are looking for unique gift ideas. They will still buy your finished products, but there will be that other market that will buy your craft kits.

Have you not ever heard customers say "I wcraft kitsish I could make that" when they see your products? But then keep walking? This is one way to make some sales from that part of the market.

Craft Kit - How To Create One

The best way to create a craft kit, is to take your easiest piece, and then create instructions step by step. You can start by taking a picture of all the craft supplies laid out, and then you take a picture of each step you do, and then type under it how you did it.

Obviously the simpler the craft the easier this will be for you. Pictures are one of the best forms of instructions when it comes to craft kits.

Once you have created your craft step by step, and have created these great instruction sheet or sheets that include a picture of the finished product. Make sure you put the age group this craft would be appropriate for.

Craft Kit - You Shop for the Craft Supplies

Next, do some shopping for the craft supplies. You could just sell the craft instructions by themselves too, but that would be a better idea for selling online. But at craft shows, to get sales for your craft kits, it is better if you can do the shopping for this craft, and include everything they will need, and make sure to state any extra things they will need such as scissors or a sewing machine.. if necessary.

Make sure there is enough supply to make this craft. Then take the finished picture (Have this on its own page) and put the craft supplies and the instructions into a zip lock bag with the picture of the finished craft showing through the plastic.

Have these in a basket on your table, and sitting beside it can be the finished craft, so that potential customers can touch and feel this craft.

Craft Kit - Pricing

When pricing these craft kits, you need to make sure and take into account your craft supplies. If you can get them in bulk then that is cheaper for you, but you still need to work out the actual cost of the supplies per craft kit, then double it if you can do so reasonably for the price of the craft (don't forget to include a bit extra for the zip lock bag and the extra printing costs of colored pictures) You don't want to overcharge, but you need to make something too. You will make more of your money on bulk sales, so you don't need to overprice this craft. You could come up with simple little craft kits for 5 dollars all the way up to more complex craft kits at a higher price.

In the beginning is where all the work is, in creating the craft kit and the instructions. Once you have those done, it is just a matter of making copies and coming up with the craft supplies for each kit, and putting them together. You now can keep creating these over and over.

You can even venture out further, and put your instructions for your craft onto a CD (including all your pictures and steps) and sell this online. You would have to make sure and include a craft supply list to sell this way. Postage is much cheaper sending a CD through the mail, you can even price it to include the postage, and this way the customer can pick up their own supplies and have fun creating the craft.

Craft Kit - Simple is Best

It doesn't have to be a complicated craft. It could be a craft geared towards teens, these would make great gift ideas. Such as denim crafts, and small quilting projects, or Christmas ornaments. Or if you have come up with a great knitting project, you could make up a craft kit that includes your instructions and the right wool and all they have to get is the knitting needles. You could have a lot of craft kits like these, as you could change the color of the wool for each craft kit.

What ever your choice of craft is, go ahead an create your table full of craft like you usually do, but consider adding a twist, and selling craft kits. You can also use these for teaching a craft, which is another money making idea.

You can make money with crafts, but sometimes you just have to try a few different angles. So, before you throw out any of those leftover craft supplies, just think whether they could be used in another craft as a craft kit and then make money with your scraps!

Craft Kit - Sell Along Side Your Arts and Crafts

With the economy doing a roller coaster ride, many people love to still go to craft shows and browse, but many are not getting their wallets out the same way. So, by creating different affordable projects and ideas, is one way to stay in business. A craft kit will sell for much less than your finished product. This might be a great alternative to someone who may be Christmas shopping on a budget, but still wants something different than what you would get in the department stores.