If you're interested to sell diamond online there are some things that you have to consider first. And probably you wonder which are the most important to start with? Are there requirements you need to submit before you are allowed to sell diamond? Are there fees to pay? Let’s take a look.

The best jewelry stores online as well as brick and mortar shops like the famous Diamond Exchange did not simply sell diamond and engagement rings without making some research. Before you start on something, be sure to find out everything you need to know about it to avoid waste of time and money.

Before you sell diamond, you have to get to know the qualities of this gemstone and some other aspects (i.e. settings for engagement rings, value, etc.), the business requirements necessary and the certification you need to obtain (if there is any).

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Sell Diamond - Quality in the Rating Report

To start with, diamonds are evaluated on properties like:

> color  > cut  > shape  > clarity  >weight 

    Color is an extremely vital feature of a finished gemstone. Almost all diamonds have natural tint of light gray, light yellow and light brown. The rare ones have orange, blue, black, brown, yellow and green colors. The most expensive stones are the colorless ones.

    Clarity is assessed on the inclusions (inner defects), lack of flaws (blemishes on the stone’s surface) and amount.

    Cut is also very crucial because a badly cut stone will have a huge or lifeless appearance. Additionally, the cut can make it look very small for a specified weight.

    Don’t overlook the shape when you sell diamond. It is very crucial that the stone’s cut be proportioned and with a form that’s appropriately balanced.

    To deal with the need for value or worth, a system was created to ensure that consumers are able to obtain a genuine gemstone. The procedure of authentication is done only by certified gemologists. With this type of assessment, experts will determine, study and evaluate the precious stone’s quality to check its authenticity.

    After the assessment, a diamond rating report is going to be released. It is likewise labeled as diamond quality document known as a record that will serve as a verification of a confirmed stone.

    Should you decide to sell diamond online, do not forget to get estimations of appraisals and value from diamond insurance companies or jewelers. They can surely help you determine what can be obtained when you are planning to sell diamond for profit.

    Also, a certification keeps a record of a diamond’s properties or origin of a very old jewelry. When you sell diamond online, the certification enables buyers to assess the diamond the most accurate way possible.

    In certifications, the business standard is GIA (if you're curious and even if you're not - you can have a look on the Amazon diamond specifications of the one in the image). Others are IGI and EGL, but for a lot of people, GIA is the most precise. The fee for certification varies, depending on the weight of the carat and must be part of compromise with your prospective buyers.

    This article "Sell Diamond Jewelry Online - What You Need to Know" covers only some aspects of the topic - so all comments about new or different related aspects on the subject are much appreciated.