Best Sites to Sell Your Photos Online

In this hub you can learn about stock photography and find top 5 stock photography sites or microstock agencies where you can sell your photos online and make money online with your photography. I want this hub to be a guide for future stock photography or those who already posses a portfolio with stock photos and want to find the best microstock agencies to sell your stuff on.

Microstock agencies listed in this page are top rated, best selling and most recommended stock photography sites for sellers and buyers so you will really benefit by joining these sites and selling your portfolio with the help of these agencies. They all pay good, they all pay right away and they all have many awesome photographers online that contribute to the forums and community. These are the best 5 sites for any stock photographer who want to learn more about their work and increase the sales of their portfolio.

What is Stock Photography?

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Stock Photography is a commercial oriented photography where you take pictures considering that others will use them for commercial and designing purposes. This is not an artistic photography but more like attracting buyers of your photos by providing a commercial value of your photos and designs. When you have a portfolio of some stock photos you can sell them on many stock photography sites or microstock agencies that handle all the legal and selling stuff for you and take a small fee for their services. When you have a large portfolio of stock images you can start making some real money every month by selling stock photos on microstock sites.

Below is the list of my favorite 5 stock photography sites that serve me best and are recommended by most stock photographers and designers. Use these sites to start selling your portfolio of stock photos and make money online with your photography!

Getting Started in Stock Photography

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1. ShutterStock


ShutterStock is my favorite microstock agency and contributors. Their business model allows customers to make a subscription and during the subscription period the customer can download 25 pictures a day. This model en it's one of the best stock photography sites for courages downloads and this actually means that you will get a lot of downloads. The photographers earn 25c per download. The site offers FTP upload option and pictures are approved within a day or two.

2. iStockPhoto

iStockPhoto is another popular stock photography site for buyers and sellers. The site is well established and it has a huge reputations among the designers and photographers so you should consider joining iStockPhoto to increase your sales and expose your portfolio. To become a seller, you supply 3 photos for review. If these photos do not pass, you are given the chance to supply different photos. This site was recently purchased by Getty Images, a huge macrostock site. This site is one of the top 3 microstock sites in number of photos. iStockPhoto has an awesome program that if you go exclusive with them, you will receive a higher payout for each photo sold.

3. Fotolia

FotoliaFotolia is a rising star in the field of stock photography. They pay more then 50% of the commission to the photographer, and allow you to set your own price. They are one of the fastest to approve photographs. Another nice thing is the way you can get your money. They will allow you to make a paypal cashout once you've hit the 2 dollar mark.

A very popular site especially in Europe. Fotolia is a great microstock agency for starting stock photographer or those who already have their stock portfolios on other agencies. They are becoming a popular and respected stock photography site so you should catch the train and join them now! Submit your portfolio to Fotolia, expose your work, increase your sales and market your photos! More sites you join, more photos you'll sell. That's a fact in stock photography business!

4. DreamsTime

Dreamstime logoThis site is one of the top 3 microstock sites in number of photos. DreamsTime is a very popular microstock ageny among the buyers and photographers and it's one of the leading sites in the business of stock photography.

You should really join DreamsTime to market your stock photography portfolio and get more sales! Like the other 4 microstock agencies on this list, DreamsStock is a must-join site for every stock photographer who wants to get more sales, traffic and exposure.

5. 123RF

123rf123rf is a brand new microstock agency but it's performing really well and make a great environment for stock photographers and buyers of stock images and vector graphics. They pay 50% of each sale to the photographer.

123RF is one of the best microstock agencies to start with because they accept images really quick and don't have millions of photos in their archives so your photos will be found faster and this can really expose your portfolio and get you some sales :) If you're starting with stock photography business I really suggest you to sign up with 123RF, submit your best shots and wait for the results.