You have worked hard to build it up so when the time comes to sell your sports card collection, you should give proper thought to where you are going to do this.  There are many options available, but not all of them will be suitable to you.  This article aims to give you the background information you need before you try to sell your sell your sports card collection.


First, you want to think about how much time and work you are prepared to put into the selling of your card collection.  If you don't spend very long, as you only need some quick money, then the amount you get will undoubtedly be less than the amount you put more legwork into the process.


Demand for Sports Cards

You need to remember also that it all comes down to basic economics, supply and demand.  The sports collection that is more likely to sell better is the one with the really popular star players, vintage and other special cards from the most popular years and printers.  If you have a more run of the mill collection, you may still get a good return, just not a great one. 

Where to Sell my Sports Card Collection

If you want to put some backbone when you try to sell your sports card collection, then there are many options.  The best place to start is your local card shop.  Not only will they be able to help value your collection, but this is probably the best place to sell them from.  A lot of card shops will give you an outright offer almost immediately after valuing the collection.  They tend to give a really good deal, and this might be your best chance of an extremely good profit.


If they do not make you an offer, they may know someone who would be interesting in buying your sports card collection.  Card store owners usually know a lot of people within that niche and will likely know of a collector who is looking for cards like the ones in your collection.  Normally they can put you in contact with the interested buyer, or even arrange a meeting time from the store, for both your conveniences.  Then as long as everything goes well, you could work out a deal between the two of you.


If you do not have a local card store or the time to go to one there are still options available.  You could put a classified ad in your local paper, a trading magazine or some other place like that.  This may not provide you with the quick sale, or any sale, as you have to wait for people to contact you and then decide if their offer is good enough.  You could also put an advertisement on a place like Craigslist or something like that.  This has the same pitfalls as the printed method. The Internet is a fantastic place to buy and sell anything, including your sports card collection; however you must know how to be safe on the internet to avoid any possible scam.


It can be a tough decision to make, when deciding to sell sports card collection and how you are going to get the result you want.  There are always the big card shows, where you could either sell to a dealer, or sell from a stall.  Whichever way you decide to go, I hope this article has enlightened you to the options available to sell sports card collection.