You can sell vintage board games on Ebay to make extra money. Do you have a favorite board game from your childhood that you no longer own? If you are like me and grew up in an apartment, there was no storage space. Outgrown clothing and toys were given to friends and family, donated or tossed.

Somewhere on Ebay, someone may be selling your favorite memory to the highest bidder. And you are not alone. Thousands of people look for long lost games online so they can play them again with their own families.

Where to Find Vintage Board Games to Sell on Ebay

There are a few places that people go and find items to sell on Ebay, like vintage games. If your parents never threw anything away, then in the basement of their house or in the attic, a pile of games may be sitting for resale.

Yard sales are another place to find items to sell on Ebay and make money. Oftentimes, people have no idea what they are parting with. If you are in the know, you can make a profit for yourself by purchasing the vintage board game to sell online.

Thrift stores are a third place to find items to sell on Ebay. The price may be higher than at a yard sale, but if it is a hard to find vintage board game, spending the extra few dollars on a hard to find gem is worth it in the long run. You should be able make the money back on your Ebay auction.

Tips for Selling Vintage Board Games on Ebay

Before you dive into reselling someone else’s old game on Ebay, know that just because a game is vintage, it does not make it valuable. There are many old board games that you may enjoy playing, but no one wants to pay money for the memory.

Spend some time doing “Completed Auction” searches on games you used to play as a child. Some may be worth nothing but fond memories, others may be worth a nice sum of money.

You can also do a search on games from your old favorite TV programs. In the past, one popular merchandise tie in was a board game based on the television show.

Another tip for selling vintage games on Ebay is that just because an item is hot now, it does not mean it will always be. About ten years ago, when the ABC series Full House became popular again with endless cable reruns, the board game based on the show could fetch about forty dollars. That is a great profit if you bought it at a yard sale for a dollar or two! Today, no one wants it. Stay on top of the latest prices and hot vintage board games in the “Completed Auction” section of Ebay.

If you are at a yard sale, ask the person the cost of the game. Then ask if the game is complete. If s/he does not know, you can either check the box and make sure the vintage game is complete, or you can negotiate a lower price. Because the seller has admitted to you that the game may or may not be complete, you now have some leverage.

If you are new to reselling vintage board games, then my next tip is to take a risk and just buy it. It is only a dollar or two and you probably spent more on the big cup of coffee you got on the way to the yard sale. The best case scenario is that you snagged a great vintage board game. The worst case is that you have something new to donate.

What happens if you buy a great vintage board game, but when you get home you find that it is incomplete? If it is dice or a pawn that is missing, the Dollar Store sells them, or you can take it from another game that you own.

If the directions are missing, there are online websites that will sell them to you for a nominal price. My selling tip to you is this…in your auction, be sure to mention that these are not original pawns, dice or directions. These things do matter to serious collectors.

The worst case scenario is that you have too many game pieces missing. Did you waste your money? No! Simply sell the pieces of the game separately. For example, if a vintage Battleship game is missing a ship, sell the remaining nine as a lot. Sell the pegs in another lot and the two game boards in a third. Or you can sell them all together. Believe it or not, these do sell on their own. Someone along the line either lost their own pieces or bought a game with missing pieces.

Do not worry too much about the condition of the box. While you will get more money on Ebay for a box in great condition, you can still make money on your auction with a box that is taped. Be sure to mention the condition of the box in the auction so the buyer is aware of taped sides, dents, and other markings.

Another tip that will help sell your vintage board game on Ebay is to take several pictures. If something is not perfect, make sure to photograph it so the buyer has no surprises.

While you can sell vintage board games on Ebay at any time of year, the month before Christmas will net you some of the best profits. People tend to go crazy and not think about what they are spending at Christmas time.

What Kinds of Vintage Board Games Sell For Money on Ebay?

While there are no exact rules for finding vintage board games to resell, here are some tips on what to look for.

1. A vintage board game will sell for an insane price if it is hard to find and still sealed. Even if you have never heard of it, someone else may be looking for it.

2. Games of strategy or war are also big sellers.

3. Games from popular television shows, either a TV series or a network game show.

Using these tips, you can find vintage board games to sell on Ebay. While there are no guarantees for a big profit, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you can earn for an investment of a dollar.