Here's why I think you should sell all the gold you don't need or use anymore NOW: Gold is at an all-time high so now is the perfect opportunity to get rid of gold that's just collecting dust anyways... You can collect so good old cash for this and it's quick too.

Here's what I did: You know those short commercials on TV for companies that will send you a pre-paid envelope where you put your gold and other stuff and they'll send you cash in return? Well, that's what I'm doing now! I've requested my envelope and I'm going to immediately send in my gold.

Buy low, sell high, right?! Well, now gold is definitely at a high so it's a great time to sell, sell, SELL!

What service am I using? It's called Cash4Gold. I don't know if it's available in whatever country you are in but there is definitely a similar service available to you no matter where you are in the world.

What can you do with that cash? There is so much you could do with it really... but I would recommend anything productive... and what I most recommend is that you use it to help improve your personal finances. Think about it: let's say you get 300 bucks but then spend it the same day to buy new clothes that are going to be out of fashion next year anyways. NOT worth it. Trust me.

Instead, I would recommend you use it to eliminate some debt. If you don't have debt, great job! Use it to build an emergency fund(2 to 3 thousand is a good sweet spot to start with). If you already have an emergency fund, you're on fire! Use it to help max out your retirement accounts or buy some assets that will give you extra income.

There is a gold craze going on and you NEED to cash in on it. Remember: buy low, SELL high!