It you have a wii, Playstation 3 or even a Gamecube you are not using anymore, it could be you would like a few bucks out of it. Right now isn't it just sitting, on the shelf, with your old games while you are playing on the new game console you bought? Well, as technology advances, so does the purchases we make. To get bigger and better our new game consoles need to be newer with all the latest features.
Why not get money out of those old game consoles? It's quick, it's painless and it can be off your shelf in no time. Here's the steps to selling your old game console fast for cash.

Things You Will Need

Old Game Console

Step 1

First you need to know the exact details of your game console. The name, make and model so you can accurately see what it is.

Step 2

Since you are looking at the gaming console, check to see if it works still well and if all the parts are with the unit (not including the games.)

Step 3

Now you need to determine the condition of the unit. If you were another buyer, how would you rate your game console? Be honest and objective as you your unit will be reviewed by other people and they will know if you are blowing smoke.

Step 4

Go to the website called Gazelle below as well to create an account and review the process to sell your gaming console quickly to them.

Step 5

You will be required to add all the information about your gaming console that you researched and then quoted a price for the entire system. If you choose to take this cash amount, your gaming console is sold!

Step 6

Next you will receive a box in the mail that has prepaid postage. Place your gaming system into the box, take it down to the post office and send the old gaming system on its way.

Step 7

In a week or less, after the gaming system has been received by Gazelle and checked, you will get your cash in the mail. Easy! Simple and you didn't even need to interact with anyone! Gazelle will buy a wide variety of gaming consoles. Check out the website for all the listed options!

Tips & Warnings