Sell Your Wedding Dress: Where to Sell and What to Know

If the thought of making a little extra cash from your wedding dress has crossed your mind, you will not be alone. To some extent there will be a level of emotion attachment to your wedding gown. That said, there is the likelihood that you will no longer make use of it. That is the reason why so many sell their wedding dress.

What to know

Selling your wedding gown at the price you want is often very difficult. You need to remember that because you paid $1000 for your designer dress doesn’t mean it is now worth $900; because you only used it once. It is like buying a new car. Once, you take it home, it automatically loses its initial value. Selling your wedding dress can be easy if you set your expectations accordingly. The problem is that you have used it and it just doesn’t have the same effect. You need to ask yourself; will I buy this dress for the price knowing it has already been worn by someone else? Another factor that comes to play is that most people buying  used wedding dresses are doing so because they cannot afford to buy a new one. They will definitely be reluctant to pay a lot for a second hand dress. To sell your dress can be painful when people are only willing to pay peanuts for it.

Some have decided against selling their wedding gowns. They have opted to donate it to charity or keep it for their funeral (terrible but that is life). To choose to give away your wedding dress is about feeling good about yourself. You don’t get the monetary reward but you feel like you are giving something back. That said, not everyone feels that way and some people really want to get some financial returns for their dress.

Best place to sell the wedding dress or wedding gown

If you’ve got access to the internet, that will be your best bet. You need to be prepared for anything. Some people might even want your  gown for free. Craigslist’s and e-Bay should be your first point of call. There are also dedicated sites to selling used or second hand wedding dresses. Another option will be to check out your local stores that sell wedding dresses. They might have a section for used wedding gowns. They might allow you to place your dress there for a cut of the selling price. Etsy is another site where you can tout your gown and see what comes up. If all fails, checkout your local charity store. Some stores will sell your dress for you if you donate part of the proceeds to them.

Sell wedding dress: Should you?

Yes if you never plan to use it again. However, if you plan to leave it for future generations like when your daughter will be getting married, you may choose to keep your dress. That said, what if you daughter decides she will never get married in your old wedding dress? What if you never have a daughter but only sons? What if the style of the wedding dress is no longer in fashion? What if your daughter doesn’t fit into the dress? There are so many uncertainties that make some people decide to sell and move on. It is a personal decision and some people just choose to be pragmatic about it.