If you don't current sell on DigiResults, here is an overview of the service. If you sell digital products on the Internet, you may be familiar with some of the online platforms that support affiliate programs such as Clickbank or E-Junkie. DigiResults is somewhat similar to these services, but with a few important differencs that can make selling on DigiResults very attractive.

DigiResults offers vendors the ability to sell their digital products online and use affiliates to help market their products. The vendor still needs their own webpage for the product, but the payment processing is taken care of by DigiResults. They charge a small fee for each sale, which is taken out at the time of the purchase by the customer. This means there are no monthly fees to use the service, and you only pay when you make a sale. In the event of a refund, they will give back their fee, so the seller is not out any fees if the product is refunded.

The big difference between DigiResults and other digital product selling platforms is the way they process payments and refunds. When a customer purchases your product, the payment is split between the seller, DigiResults, and if necessary an affiliate. The result is that everyone gets paid instantly when a sale is made. Affiliates love it because they get their money instantly instead of having to wait for a week or longer. Vendors enjoy the instant payment system because they do not have to worry about paying the affiliate, and the DigiResults fees are instantly paid for them as well so the vendor won't get a large bill at the end of the month.

Customers will enjoy buying through DigiResults because of the refund program. When an affiliate promotes a product, they have to give DigiResults refund access to their Paypal account. The reason for this is because if Digiresults or a vendor refunds a product, the refund is taken from the affiliate who made the sale. This can be very helpful for vendors who sell their products with other scripts such as Rapid Action Profits that rely on the affiliate to issue the refund on their own. DigiResults takes the refund process and simplifies it for the customer. You can find more extensive details such as the service fees on the DigiResults vendor signup page.

Although DigiResults is competing with other, well established platforms, they have created a system that provides incentives for vendors and customers to use their service. As someone who sells on the DigiResults platform, I have been very happy with the results. Since I don't have the headache of paying affiliates or end of the month fees, I can focus on selling my products instead of worrying about the daily transaction procedures.