If you have the nack for taking pictures you may well be able to supplement your income by selling your pictures on any number of microstock websites. Selling photos on the Internet is the counter-part to my article about finding free or cheap stock photos for you Info Barrel articles. You can upload your images to some of the free stock photo sites, of if you get approved, you can put them on sites for sale to designers and others that need photos.

To beginning selling microstock photos online you'll need a digital camera that meets or exceeds the sites minimum requirements for mega pixels. Most of the sites require the aspiring photographer to go through an initial approval process before they can even begin to submit images for approval then sale on the site.

Here are a couple of the microstock websites I submit images to:

  • ShutterStock requires an initial approval batch of 10 images, 7 of which need to pass their approval process. Initially images sell for 25 cents a piece most of the time. There sales tend to come more consistently than many of the others.
  • IStockPhoto requirs the initial approval of 3 images to begin selling images. The average sale price that the photographer gets tends to be about the best on the this site, but at least for me, they don't come as often.
  • Fotolia has been a good site for me and you can offer images that don't get approved for the premium catalog through their free site to get more exposure.

Finding a niche area that you can get pictures of can really help sales. You will want to keep in mind that the images may be used for any number of different things so the more generic the better. Stay away from any logos or copyrighted material as those images will be rejected.

I shoot with a Nikon D80 which is a very acceptable camera. The Nikon D90 is it's successor and includes even more mega pixels.