Article writing is a big business on the internet. Thousands of people write and sell articles and thousands more write and keep articles. When you write an article, you can choose to sell it or to keep it. When you sell the article you get paid once. When you keep the article, you can choose to make income off of it through advertising and affiliate revenue. It can sometimes be hard to chose whether to sell or keep an article. In this article I will compare the two.


Selling Articles

When many people write articles, they usually sell them. Selling articles involves finding a buyer and agreeing on a fixed price. Usually once the seller sells the article, they have no more rights to that article. Articles sell for a wide range of prices. Some go for a few dollars while others may go for hundreds. The sale price of an article depends on two main things. Length and Quality. Articles of poor quality sell for less than higher quality articles. Most well written articles sell for between 5-20 dollars. This is a pretty good rate for articles. When selling articles you get a one time fee and  for many that is ok. Earning 5-20 dollars per article is pretty good money. There are many sites and places people go to sell articles. Some sell them on Ebay while some use other sites like Fiverr. Selling articles can be easy to do, but getting the right price for them is another issue.  In my opinion it is better to wait until you can get the best price instead on jumping on the first offer you get. Don't be afraid to have a high price for your content, it is valuable and you should get the price you deserve for it.


Keeping Articles

Keeping articles is a little more risky in a sense than selling then. When you keep an article, you are hoping to earn money somehow. Some people post the article on their blog, some people use a revenue sharing site. wherever you post the article, your intent is to make money. Most of the revenue that comes from articles, will come from advertising and affiliate programs. When deciding whether or not to keep an article, you have to look at a cost analysis. Ask yourself these questions, How much could my article sell for? What is the average cost per ad click for my article topic? How many views to my article do I need? These questions are important.

First you must decide how much money you could get for your article if you would have sold it. This number will tell you how much money you must make just to break even. Once you have come up with this number, you must find out how much the average ad click will generate for you. On some topics, ad clicks cost lots of money while in other topics, they don't cost much. Lawyers and dogs are a good example. To get a lawyer ad, might cost you over 2 dollars a click, while ads on dogs may only cost 20 cents. This is something you should always keep in mind. The Last question is how many views to that article do I need. This is a pretty easy question to answer. First you must realize that for every 100 views you get around 1-2 clicks. This means that if every click earns you 1 dollar, you will earn around 10-20 dollars per 1,000 views. To find out the amount of views you need simply divide the value of the article by the average revenue per ad click and than multiply that number  by 100. Below is an example:


Average ad click cost: 2.00

Value of article: 10.00

Math: 10/2=5 ; 5x100= 500

500 is the number of views you need to make 10 dollars which is the value of the article. Once you have determined how many views you need, you must decide where to post the article.  You can start your own blog or post the article on a revenue sharing site like infobarrel. On Infobarrel, users earn 75% of the ad revenue on an article meaning you will earn 75% of whatever ad revenue comes in. Unless you have a successful blog, I would recommend using revenue sharing sites. It is far easier to use one than making a blog. On a revenue sharing site, all of the design and maintenance of the site is done by someone else, also you get some free traffic from the site. All you have to do is post your article and get some traffic to it, and since most of the traffic will already come to the article, you have minimal work to do.

   Traffic is the most labor intensive part of keeping articles. Search engine optimization is the practise of optimizing your content for search engines. When posting an article, you must work on search engine optimization. By building links to the article, you can ensure a steady stream of traffic and higher search engine rankings. Also by adding tags to your article and using unique pictures you can optimize it.  By doing these things, you can ensure that there will be traffic for a very long time going to your articles.  Soon you will be making money when you are sleeping. You will probably not make millions of dollars but over time your earnings will add up and hopefully be bigger than what the value of the article is.



It is hard to compare the two methods for making money. On one hand by selling articles you are getting a lump sum of money. On the other hand by keeping them, you can earn steady income for life potentially. The income might be in smaller increments but over the long term, it will add up. My opinion is that keeping your articles is the best way to make money, but if you can get the right price, it makes sense to sell them. One last thing to consider, is how long it will take to make money on the article. If the article is worth 10 dollars and it takes 10 years to make that 10 dollars, than it probably isn't worth keeping the article. If you can recoup the value of the article in 5 years or less, than to me it makes sense to keep it, otherwise you are better off selling the article and putting the money in the bank.