Clothing auctions are very popular on eBay and are a great way to loosen up your closet and plump up your wallet. Below are six things you can do to improve your change of selling your clothes on eBay.

  1. Provide clear photos. I don't know how many times I have seen fuzzy or dark photos. Take photos of your clothing in well-lit areas, preferably diffuse natural light. Using flash in a dark area can change the appearance of the color of your item. Also, display your item in a thoughtful way. Button up buttons, loop belts, smooth down collars, etc. Also, if your item has any unique details (e.g., fancy buttons, embroidery, other details) you might want to include a separate photo of those features.
  2. Provide measurements. Be sure to include detailed measurements in your auction description. A size medium can vary between clothing companies, so do you potential bidder a favor and include measurements. Common measurements to include (as applicable): length, inseam, sleeve length, hip, bust, waist, or collar.
  3. Note any flaws. You should always aim to provide honest descriptions of your items. Be sure to note if there are any imperfections, such as stains, rips, missing buttons, pilling, frayed hems, or other wear signs that the bidder should know about.
  4. Consider listing in lots. If you have several similar pieces that are the same size, you might consider listing them in a lot. This is a really great tip for kid's clothes, where individual pieces may not be worth listing due to potential low selling prices. Make sure you group your items in a way that make sense (e.g., similar sizes/gender, shorts/summer items, winter items).
  5. Pets/smoking. Some people are allergic to pets and smoke. Disclose if you have pets or have a smoking home. On the same token, note if your home is pet- and smoke-free. This can be a deal maker/deal breaker for some people. One time I won a sweater on an auction and it came from a smoking home. I had to end up taking it to the cleaners before I could wear it.
  6. Launder items. Make sure that your clothing items are clean and laundered and don't smell like they have been in storage. I don't iron clothes before shipping them, but I always make sure they are fresh and clean.

These six tips will put you on your way to creating successful eBay clothing listing. Happy selling!