hand painted pendantCreating painted jewelry, is another unique craft idea, when it comes to selling crafts.

Your art now is considered "useable art" which I personally find sells better than a stand alone painting.

You have to ask yourself a few question first.

1. Can you paint that small and enjoy it without feeling stressed or bug eyed?

2. Do you love to create jewelry? Or would this part be better sub contracted out, and then would you make the profits you want to see, after paying for a sub contractor and the time you put into the piece? This all depends on the level of craft show you are selling at as well. If you are in a fine arts and crafts show, then intricate, more detailed jewelry will sell for a much higher price, then what you can get at a typical weekend craft show.

3. If you are selling online, do you have a good camera or scanner that can take decent pictures of tiny intricate painted jewelry? You can do well online, I find if the piece is not too big, and maybe you can offer free shipping, if you get the right price for your painted jewelry pieces. I found this to be a big success. Through places like Ebay or Etsy you can sell your arts and crafts.

Crafts to Make and Sell - Handpainted Jewelry

If you answered yes to the above questions, then painted jewelry can become a nice little niche for you. You can make identical pieces, but for the painting, they are totally different! It is wearable art, that will be seen by the public, rather than sitting on someone's wall, like a painting would be. There is a better chance of some referral work, based on others seeing the piece around a friend's neck. The more unique the better.

hand painted jewelryCredit: amazon.com


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You Can Get Wooden Craft Pieces Online

Using small wooden pieces works best if painting in acrylics. You need to find yourself a small hobby shop or craft supply store that has pre-cut wooden pieces, that are already totally smooth and sanded perfectly. You don't want splinters, lumps and bumps on your painted jewelry. You can sometimes find catalogues online, that supply small bags of different shapes and sizes. Many people who do folk art, purchase these wooden pieces, so there are plenty around. Sometimes the local hardware store will have a selection of them as well..

Then you need to come up with a few themes for your paintings. You can either be very abstract with shapes and colors, you could do decoupage, or you can take the time and create a very detailed painting. But you must keep in mind pricing. If you take too long to create a piece, are you going to get the money you would need to cover your time?.

If you are making this for a gift, or for yourself, then you will not really consider the time it takes. But if you are trying to sell these in a craft business, then you have to take all these things in to consideration. A customer that understands the time and effort that is put into a piece, will not usually have a problem with paying a good price. But I have found many customers at typical weekend craft shows, on a budget, and not wanting to pay a lot, or they just don't understand the work involved, will look at it and say "that is really nice, but out of my price range.". So, keep this all in mind when creating your pieces and pricing them..

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Handmade jewelry tool kit. This makes it easier to put it all together.

I personally like somewhere in the middle. Not too detailed that it takes me all day, but enough to spark some interest in the piece as unique and different.

I wanted to sell mine for not too much money, I wanted them affordable. I went shopping to find my jewelry supplies, and while I was in the dollar store for something else, I noticed they were selling necklaces, that had actual leather strands for the necklace, complete with a clasp. I purchased a few of those, and took them home. I took off their pendant, and replaced it with mine and was very happy with the result.

I was trying to create pendant necklaces. The pendant being a lightweight wooden circular disk with a slight hump in the middle. I drilled a small hole in the top for the leather strand.

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This product is the best! I use this to make wooden pieces look like porcelain. You must try this for your jewelry projects.

Get the Right Gloss For Your Jewelry

But what stops this painted jewelry, from looking too homemade, is a type of gloss shine I was able to purchase. It is specially designed for wood that you want to be high clear gloss. I thought by being a high gloss, it would give the impression of ceramic or porcelain.

I painted my piece, and then I dipped it into this jar of thick gloss varnish, and rigged up a little stand, where I could hang my wooden painted pendant from a wire, and let it dry. I did not use a brush for this gloss, as I did not want any brush marks in the piece. It was a very positive effect.

Once dried, I signed the back, and then threaded it onto my leather strand, it turned out well. I created a display stand for my jewelry, and sold it at the craft shows. I also created similar painted jewelry, by making wooden earrings. I was able to purchase the "fish hooks" and a few supplies for making jewelry at the Wal-Mart store in the craft section. They carry all kinds of jewelry making supplies. (keep that in mind, when trying to keep your costs down).

I also sold these online, because of how lightweight they were, and easy to mail. I did not charge a lot of money for them, because I was able to get simple yet affordable supplies. The dollar store can be your best friend for some supplies. You just need to make sure the quality is there.

When I found the necklaces with the leather strands in the dollar store, I really looked them over, to find the quality was in the cord and not in the pendant they were trying to sell which was plastic for kids. Once I removed the old pendant, I was able to add mine. In this case the clasp at the neck worked well too. (You need to always check that part) You don't want to be remembered for beautiful painted jewelry, that falls apart!