If you are interested in selling your Elvis trading cards or even your entire Elvis card collection online, then hopefully this article will be able to provide you with a few potential avenues that you could carry out to successfully sell your card for what its true worth.

Therefore before you jump straight up into trying to sell your Elvis playing cards I would suggest to you that you try to find a rough valuation of the cards individually and if you can try to get hold of a price guide for the entire bundle of the cards. As finding your Elvis trading card value can be a rather difficult task I have come with an article that can help you find the right price for your Elvis cards, please check out: Elvis trading cards: Finding their Value.  A quick example to find a rough estimate for the valuation of the cards would be to check guide like the  Official Price guide to Elvis Presley Records and Memorbalia.

The most popular route to selling Elvis cards is to list your trading card on the 'car boot of the world', eBay. If you check out eBay there are literally hundreds and hundreds of these very cards and collections for sale and as you might well know, in total there are roughly twenty four collections of trading cards all dedicated to the king dating from 1956 right to the modern day, not to mention the collections within collections. So when listing your Elvis trading card for sale on eBay, make sure you mention what collection the Elvis card is from, and it also helps to mention the year that the collection was produced as well, obviously this will try and help save confusion for the buyer to try and figure out exactly what card it is and will help them find it easier also.

So for example: If you are selling the first card from the 1956 Bubble Inc collection you could list it as 'Great Condition 1956 Elvis Card Bubble Collection. Go, go, go Elvis'.

You could also try listing your Elvis trading card for sale or even your entire collection on Amazon. If you take a quick look, you will find like eBay there are a lot of these Elvis Presley playing cards up for sale. This is because Amazon lets you do this by acting as an independent seller who can sell a product through the terms of Amazon and like eBay,  Amazon will charge a commission on the sale that you made by selling the card.

Note: An issue that could arise for the likes of Amazon and eBay though is if you don't have any ratings or reputation, potential buyers of the cards may get put off by this.

There is also the option that you could go around specialised card dealing websites and online card dealers that are actually selling the Elvis trading cards to people who are interested in purchasing the trading cards (you will find a list of sites that buy Elvis cards through this article), and then get in touch with them about you selling your Elvis Presley trading cards to them and see if they are interested in making an appropriate offer or not.

Another route you could also take is to try and find online forums or websites that are dedicated to the 'King' and see if you can set up a thread or a query, stating that you have Elvis trading cards for sale (obviously be sure to mention specific details of the type of cards you are selling). Then you never know, someone might just come across that thread and then get in touch with you about potentially making an offer to you to buy your Elvis trading cards.