Guide to Selling Gift Cards on eBay

Listing your card for sale on eBay can help you recover almost (or in some rare case, all) of your gift card's balance. This is particularly useful when you are given a gift card that can only be redeemed at retailers that you don't like or have nothing to buy from.

Selling Gift Cards on eBay is a subtle art. Like selling any other item on eBay, some are able to make nice profits, while others sell their item for a price well below market value. It does take some knowledge, to get potential buyers to bid on your item (if it is an auction) or buy it (at a buy now).

The following tips can help you successfully list and sell your unwanted gift card:

1 – Use a profile with feedbacks. If this is your first time selling on eBay, and you have no feedbacks that will help you gain potential buyers' trust, you might consider asking around for someone who will allow you to use their eBay account. Feedbacks help buyers make the decision of either buying from this particular seller or moving on to the next one.  

2 – Good picture. Since you are not selling some rare item, any nice general picture of a gift card for this particular retailer will do. You can take a picture of the actual card but the result is sometimes less attractive if you do not have a good camera.

3 – Informative title. Most eBay buyers search by typing in keywords, so make sure you include any relevant keywords like: gift card, the retailer's brand name, the value of the card, if it has no expiry date than write "no expiration". More details increase the chance that more buyers find your listing.

4 – Detailed Description. Once potential buyers click through to view your listing, you have a chance to tell more about your card. Many gift cards sellers on eBay don't use this option, because they think the gift card speaks for itself. But even repeating the same details: remaining balance, expiry date, where this card can be used (nationwide? Only certain states?) can help you sell your card.

5 – Shipping details and additional information. Some sellers offer delayed shipping on gift cards, to avoid being scammed by buyers that request their money back after receiving their card. It is unpleasant, but since it does happen, you need to decide when are you shipping your card, where will you ship it to (US? Worldwide? Only certain states?) and if you are offering free shipping or not. Anything that might persuade the buyer to buy your card should be written in big, bold letters. Like "Free shipping" or "comes with branded envelope".

If you do not feel like going to the trouble of listing your gift card on eBay, you can sell unused gift cards via gift card trading sites, which might offer a little less cash for your card, but will save you all the time and won't bother you with the process of actually finding a buyer for your card, but will simply take your card and give you money. Get more information by visiting