If you need money fast, prices are excellent for selling scrap gold and pure gold items. Right now, prices are hovering around $1000 per ounce for your unused gold items.

Can you use a little, or a lot of extra money quick? You could be sitting on top of a veritable gold mine in your own home and not even know it. Gold prices fluctuate wildly and have risen steadily over the last two years with the flight to safety due to the current economic hardships the economy is facing both in the US and globally. What does this mean to you? If you have gold jewelry, dental scrap or broken gold items you may have a lot more money at your disposal than you think. Current prices and trends are to the upside with gold running around $1000 per ounce at this writing.

How to Get the Best Price on Your Scrap Gold

You can find the price of commodities, including gold and other precious metals, on any financial website dealing with commodities. When looking for a place to sell your scrap gold, companies make their money off the spread between what they pay you and the true market value of the gold they buy. Shop around and get the best price for your items.

Where to Sell Your Scrap Gold

One of the quickest and easiest ways to sell your gold items is on the internet. You can easily shop numerous companies dealing in buying scrap gold and gold items for the best price. Selling online is actually very simple and you will get your cash fast. When you decide which company to go with they will send you a gold selling kit in the mail. Gold selling kit includes an envelope with prepaid postage and your items will ship insured to the company. Be smart about sending your gold to them and make copies of all of your paper work and send the envelope either certified or return receipt for your own piece of mind. Once your gold arrives at the broker, they will value your items and mail you the monies for the total.

Selling gold scrap is a viable way to make some extra money quickly in the down economy since the prices are currently exceptionally high. If you are worried about not getting a fair price online, you should not be. Most companies are reputable, but if in doubt, do a search online to see other's experiences with the broker of your choice.