Here is some practical advice for those thinking of selling magazines on eBay. It will take some work and an initial upfront investment but there is money to be made.

Which Magazines Sell Best on eBay

1. Time

The first issue of Time magazine was published in 1923. It continues to be one of the most recognizable magazines on the planet. One specific reason this magazine is so successful is because people like to get issues from their month of birth or give those as gifts. If you are considering selling magazines on eBay, know that a large inventory of vintage Time magazines will sell consistently.

2. Professional Journals

Professional journals (such as The Farmer’s Almanac) are not found in great quantity on eBay but can hold significant value for collectors. These journals are not best sold in auction since they are not searched for regularly. When selling magazines on eBay make sure to keep these less popular (but still valuable) titles on a Buy It Now format in an eBay store.


LIFE magazine was published from 1883 to 1936 and even though it hasn’t been published for decades it is still a recognizable title. If you are thinking of selling magazines on eBay and have an inventory of LIFE magazines then you will likely do well. Since these magazines are always quite old be sure to flip through each one (gently) to be sure all the pages are still there and there are no ads cut out. If buyers find pages missing it will create a real headache for you.

4. Rolling Stone

Current issues of Rolling Stone don’t fetch too much money on eBay. If you are interested in selling magazines on eBay, be sure to target vintage (Pre-80s) issues of Rolling Stone to sell. If you are going to sell more current issues then you will likely need to sell them in large lots and they need to be in good condition. You will find though that old issues of Rolling Stone are some of the most popular magazines to sell on eBay.

 Regardless of which magazines you choose to sell on eBay, be sure to do a lot of vintage magazine research before getting started.

Sell As a Lot or Individually

Any eBay seller must choose whether to sell their goods in bundles lots or to sell off each piece individually. Initially, when selling magazines on eBay, your inventory will determine how you sell your stock.

Basically, if you have large quantities of low value books, then lots are the way to go. Whenever you possess more valuable magazines you should sell them individually. This is because collectors typically want individual titles when they’re seeking valuable pieces. You will not get the highest possible value when selling in lots, so save lots for less expensive magazines.


Buy It Now or Auction

For antiques, auctions are not the best method to sell on eBay. Collectors are only periodically searching so there is no guarantee that enough viewers will see your auction in order to drive the price up.


Should You Start a Store Selling Magazines on eBay?

If you have a large inventory consisting of over 100 magazines, you should start a store on eBay. You should also start a store selling magazines on eBay if you intend to continue purchasing inventory in bulk.


Use these simple suggestions to get you started selling magazines on eBay.

Magazine Collection
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