You have just made that sale selling on the internet, and the customer has paid you and you got notice this morning that the money is in your paypal account. Great! Congratulations on your sale. But now you have to mail this item to the customer.

If you want to continue to have a good reputation selling online, then the follow through of the sale is just as important as the listing and getting that customer.

If you have already charged for the shipping in the ad, then the customer has already paid for shipping and you should do this in a timely manner. You should ship this the next business day if you can.


Great Book On Selling Online

It is amazing how many people, will just now ship when they "get around to it" or only when they get a few sales. Although it does make sense to save on a trip to the post office with one item, and wait until you have a few, this is not your customers problem. They paid for an item and are waiting anxiously at home for it.

So, if you have to make an extra trip then you should.

To sell on the internet still involves good customer relations. Just because you can't see this person, doesn't mean you can treat him badly. Many sites, such as Ebay have a rating that is given to you after you sell your product, so you don't want too many bad ratings or you will not be selling on the internet for very long.

Here is a list of things that will annoy any customer or potential customer, and if you are trying your hand at selling online for your home business, then you should take note of these:

How Not To Sell:

Making Money On The Postage

One of the first things the customer is going to do, is glance at the postage paid on the envelope. If you have charged double, or there is a big difference they are going to notice. Some sellers will charge very little for their product and then make their money on the shipping. When selling on the internet, this will get noticed very quickly.

If you promise to ship this express post, then DO SO, do not charge for express post and then send it "snail mail"

Not Using A Scale

You should make the investment of a weigh scale. When selling, you want to make sure you weigh your product including the packaging, and then get online to your local post office and you should be able to plug in the dimensions and the weight and find out the rate. You can use the other side of your country as an idea for the worst case scenario on postage rates. Or many countries have a rate that would include all parts of the country but be a different rate for overseas or foreign countries.

But by using a scale, when you first get your item, then you can figure out the postage and ad approx. 10% for handling, such as wrappings and envelopes. Most customers expect there to be a bit extra on the postage for this reason. But to charge for example: $7.50 for postage and handling, when the item clearly cost $2.50 to send in a single envelope with very little handling, then they are going to notice, and will either send you an email and complain, or give you a bad rating.

Not Showing The Shipping Costs in The Ad

I know when I am quickly looking for items on the internet, I want to know upfront how much it will cost to send this to me. If I have to write to you to find out, then I look for the item from someone else.

When selling your items, you have about 2 seconds, to convince your potential customer to look at your product you are selling. If there are extra steps involved, or they won't know the total until they buy it, then they will move on.

We are living in a "I WANT IT NOW" society, and you need to have all your homework done and all the information including the complete TOTAL with no surprises afterwards in the ad.

Not Mailing The Item Right Away

Don't wait a week to mail the item! Customer service still counts here. You have their money, so get it packaged and get it in the mail. The sale is not done until you get it mailed.

Not Including a Statement

Sites like Ebay and Paypal, have customer invoices or receipts that you can print off for free after your sale. Many people buy lots of things online, and they may not remember who this came from, plus they will need a receipt for business purposes, so include one and a "Thanks for the sale" on the paperwork.

Not Taking Paypal

This is the number one site that is used for payments. If they have to send you a check or money order, then you are going to lose more than 90% of your potential customers. Get signed up. It is free.


When I started selling items online, I used to get people to send me their zip code to find out the postage. But the items I was selling (craft patterns) would fit in a letter sized brown envelope, and it was the same postage all over the country. So, I would weigh it on my postage scale, and then get online with the post office and work it out. This way I could list the postage in the ad.

The above are pet peeves of seasoned online shoppers. The easier you can make the sale the better. So, charge postage accordingly, and yes, charge enough to cover your envelopes and bubble wrap, but don't make your money on the postage. Make your money on the item.

In reality, when selling online, I found the best way to get a quick sale, was to advertise the item with the postage included. I would take my item, work out the postage within the country, and then come up with ONE total. This made it easier for potential customers as they knew exactly how much. No surprises.