You want to work from home using your computer, but how do you start selling on the internet and what do you sell?

Here are the basic needs you will have to either invest in or upgrade your own, if you want to start selling online.

1. Decent computer and good internet connection. (you will be spending some time on the computer, you don't want a really slow connection or this will drive you nuts!, so pay the extra money for high speed)

2. A scanner. Many times you will find pattern books or books, that if you can scan the front cover or the pattern into your computer it is easier and the details show up well on the ad.


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3. A good digital camera. You can use a regular film camera to get started, but then you would have to scan in the printed pictures, and two many steps can make the picture and details fuzzy. You can get some deals on digital cameras now, besides this will be a business expense since this will be your new business.

4. A home office. You need a place to setup and call your own. If you have to share your computer with the rest of the family, at least designate a shelf or basket for your "things" and "supplies" for your home business.

5. Sign up with Ebay

6. Get a PAYPAL account (to buy and sell on the internet)

Now that you have all the above. You can get started selling on the internet and hopefully make some money right?

A great place to get started is Ebay.

Go to and sign in. (If you don't already have an account, you should get one as this site is a wealth of information for selling items online)

In the top right corner, you will see a tab for SELL, hover over this tab, and a list will show up. You will see a link for "WHAT'S HOT" click on this. A list will show up of the most searched items, this is called EBAY Pulse. Just above the list you will see a category list. You can click on this and pick whatever category you are interested in, and this will give you a list of the most popular searches and most watched items in that category.

This is a great tool for trying to figure out what people are looking for.

If you are wanting to start selling things online, then you are going to want to find items that people are looking for.

For example:

If you change the category to read "crafts" then the ten most wanted or searched items come up. As of this date the "cricut cartridge" and "cricut" are the first and second most searched, followed by yarn and then fabric then beads, it changes all the time so keep tabs on this list.

You can click on these links to drill down further to the types and styles people are looking for. This will give you a good idea of prices and give you a feel for the market.

But you don't just have to know crafts for selling on the internet, you can use any category.

If you just don't know what to start selling, take a look around your house. Can you do some house cleaning? Are there books that are in good shape that you could sell? Do you have craft supplies that no one is using? How about a paint by number kit? They seem to sell well online. Just go around your own house and see if there is anything you could sell and make a few dollars.

My only advice here, is that unless you are allowing people to come to your house to pick the item up, that you should maybe stick to things that can be mailed quite easily and the postage is not too high.

So look through your house for:

old issues of magazines

craft patterns


clothes (especially designer labels)



collector stamps, coins, dolls, lunchboxes...

Anything you have that is still in good condition, and you could sell, and easily mail. Then get online and try and find items that are similar and then price accordingly.

If you are using Ebay, then follow the tutorial for selling, it is worth it. They will help you every step of the way.

Once you get selling, your confidence will grow, and you will get to know what to sell. But one of the best ways to get started is to sell things you know about. What is your hobby? Do you collect coins? dolls? lunchboxes?.. if it is your passion then you are most likely well aware of a good price.

Once you have cleared out your own house or hobby room, maybe venture out to garage sales, estate sales, and thrift stores, just in case you find a great deal there that you can sell. Selling online is like doing the shopping for someone else, and getting paid for it. I like to think of it as treasure hunting for someone else, and they are willing to pay for your trouble!

Although many people will sell this or that, I find to keep your internet selling business more organized, that you should try sticking to a theme to begin with. For example: If you collect dolls, then you are going to search high and low for dolls to sell. You may even find a great buy on the internet, and you become the customer, then resell it! Possibly Amazon has a collector doll for a good price, and you know you could get more for it by selling on Ebay or grouping them with other dolls. You can search yourself on the internet. You could end up buying and selling for a great business.

But the idea of sticking to a theme is a way of protecting your home! You can easily think everything out there is a great deal and it will sell. Not everything will sell. There will be some disappointments, but if that is the case, then donate the item. You don't want to be on that "hoarders show". So, by sticking to a theme for selling on the internet, you will also keep a clean home business. You will know the prices and know a deal when you see it. You will not be tempted to drag other things home in the hopes of selling online.

So, get setup, figure out what you like, then get selling, and start making money today!